Surviving: The Body of Evidence [Macromedia Flash Player]

Billed as a "journey of self-discovery", this very fine online exhibit from
the University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
takes visitors on an interactive tour through the world of evolution. Along
the way, visitors will encounter well-known scientists and revolutionary
thinkers as they discuss their breakthrough theories. The exhibit doesn't
skimp on the particulars of evolution either, as visitors can learn why
"your sister had trouble giving birth", or "why your back may ache". All of
this is discussed and presented in sections that include "We Keep Evolving",
"Our Place in the Natural World", "We Are Not Perfect", and "Finding Our
Human Ancestors". The site is erudite, well-thought out, and suitable for
all ages. Additional resources on the site include links to other relevant
websites, including the University of California Berkeley's Evolutionary
website and articles on evolution from Scientific American. [KMG]

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