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    CFL/ Dirty electricity:post from esense group

    We are urged us to switch from regular incandescent light bulbs to compact
    fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs, to save energy. However, there is a very good
    reason NOT to use CFL bulbs. They create electromagnetic frequencies proven to be
    extremely detrimental to human health.

    CFL's operate at high frequency using an electronic switching ballast to chop
    up the 120 volts - that's how they are able to use less energy when compared
    to incandescent bulbs. Their typical operating frequency is in the region of
    20kHz to 100kHz, a frequency range known to produce adverse effects on health.

    (By the way, dimmers operate similarly, converting the electrical signal into
    high frequency transients. Even clean incandescent lights will produce dirty
    electricity if a dimmer switch is used.)

    Professor Magda Havas of Trent University, Ontario, one of the world's
    leading researchers on the biological effects of EMF, states:

    “CFLs produce radio wave frequencies that radiate directly from the bulbs and
    also go on the electrical wiring in the home or school. The closer you sit to
    the bulb, the greater your exposure. Because the high frequencies travel
    along the wire, you can be exposed in other rooms of your home as well as in the
    room that contains the CFL.

    Many complain that they cannot be in a room with fluorescent lights because
    they feel 'unwell.' These people have difficulty shopping in large department
    stores because of the lighting and often go with list in hand and spend as
    little time in the store as possible. Their cognitive functions diminish and some
    have difficulty recalling where they parked their car.”

    Just one of the effects of dirty electricity, but a very important one, is
    adverse effect on insulin production and blood glucose levels. Dr. Havas

    "We can take a person who is diabetic and put them in an electrically dirty
    environment, and their blood sugar levels rise. We then put them into a clean
    environment, and within half an hour their blood sugar levels are lower. It
    becomes a barometer."

    For instance, the blood glucose level of one test subject rose from 121 to
    over 350 solely from sitting near a lamp with a CFL in it for a couple of
    hours. (He had not eaten nor drunk anything that might have influenced his blood
    sugar.) Conversely, diabetics who install filters to remove the “dirty
    electricity” experience that they no longer need as much insulin, and some no longer
    need any insulin.

    In my own case, symptoms included severe insomnia, head pain, tingling of my
    left arm and leg and frightening cardiac arrythmia. I had gone to the ER
    twice in an ambulance and undergone $18,000 worth of medical tests before the
    cause of my symptoms was finally determined to be exposure to electrical
    pollution. (Not brain cancer as had finally been suspected!) When we cleared my
    personal environment of the damaging frequencies, the symptoms disappeared. My
    thyroid also resumed healthy function and I was able to discontinue thyroid

    The doctors who had followed my case were extremely surprised, as they so
    rarely see such a total cessation of cardiac or thyroid problems. I believe
    this would be more common, if more people removed the cause of their symptoms.

    You could not pay me any amount of money to use CFL bulbs in our house.

    Another world-renowned expert Dr. Olle Johansson, of the department of
    neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, points out that the dramatic
    rise in recent years of the number of people affected by
    electro-hypersensit ivity (EHS) coincides with the mass production and distribution of electronic
    devices such as computers and cordless telephones that use and generate radio

    For a more complete list of associated neurological, respiratory, cardiac,
    dermatological, opthamologic and other symptoms, please see: https://www.l

    Dr. Havas has completed a study on the frequencies created by various brands
    of CFL bulbs, which will be released soon. Meanwhile, this is what she

    “Some packages even have a warning about the radio frequenc,y saying this
    light may interfere with radio reception. Indeed this is something that most
    people can test with a portable radio on AM. As you bring the radio close to an
    energy efficient bulb that produces radio frequencies the radio will begin to
    buzz. This is known as electromagnetic interference (EMI) and is a concern
    for anyone using wireless technology such as mobile phones or wireless

    But the real problem is that these frequencies are making people sick. Three
    independent groups in the UK, including the British Association of
    Dermatologists, the Migraine Action Association, and Epilepsy Action, have reported
    illness among their members who have tried energy efficient compact fluorescent
    lights (CFL). The most common symptoms are headaches-including migraines,
    fatigue, confusion, dizziness, ringing in the ears, eyestrain, nausea and skin

    Not all energy efficient bulbs are the same. Some do not contribute to dirty
    electricity and do not produce radio frequencies and this includes a few
    compact fluorescent lights, some LEDs (light emitting dioxides) and some halogen
    bulbs. Unfortunately most of the bulbs on the market will make people sick.
    Reducing green house gases is important but doing it with flawed technology that
    will make the user ill is not the right course of action. If governments are
    going to ban the energy-inefficient but electromagnetically clean
    incandescent bulb, then they should also ban bulbs that produce radio frequency

    I would encourage anyone who has recently purchased energy efficient bulbs
    and has since developed any of the symptoms mentioned above to test the bulb for
    radiation with a portable radio and if the radio buzzes to return the bulb to
    the retail store for a full refund. Even if our government hasn't done its
    homework, individual consumers can still make a difference.”

    Dr. Havas and her associates have tested shielding material for the bulb and
    Graham Stetzer filters for the dirty electricity. Both work well but they
    don't believe this is the way to go, but that LED bulbs are the light of the
    future, for energy efficiency and because they create no radio frequencies.

    LED bulbs do not create harmful frequencies, and they are available in “warm
    white.” They are not yet as bright as most of us are used to, but they are
    bright enough to meet our needs. (LED technology is improving by leaps and

    Some LED websites to check out:

    For more information regarding the health effects of manmade electromagnetic
    frequencies, please see my website,

    Shivani Arjuna
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    Re: CFL/ Dirty electricity:post from esense group


    There are some sort of factual errors in what you have written which interfere with my ability to understand the rest of it.

    For example, 'high frequency' is an expression used to describe the 3-30mHz region - a lot higher than CFLs use.

    And, CFLs don't save energy because of the chopped current-standard fluorescents also save energy while operating at 120 hertz.

    And, dimmers do not work 'by converting the electrical signal into high frequency transients' (dimmers also operate in the 120 hertz range).

    I'd be very interested in finding a way to communicate in a respectful manner around the factual errors which you make in order to more effectively engage with the core issues.

    As you have written the important issue is that people are getting sick. I don't yet happen to agree, and when I run into obvious errors in your writing it makes it harder for me to understand your case.

    BTW you wrote "LED bulbs do not create harmful frequencies." In reality, most lighting applications of LED's do use a switched power approach, which generates the same sort of issues as in a CFL.

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