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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

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    Introduction to this site.

    Welcome to! is a bulletin board for the progressive community of Sonoma County. This site (and it's moderator!) is supported by the generous support of our members, along the lines of public broadcasting. While you are welcome to use the system for non-commercial use for free, it is strongly encouraged that you join our community by becoming a supporting member at just $2/month. You must become a Supporting Commercial Member to post about any commercial offering.

    You are welcome to browse the board at your leisure however you will need to Register before you can post or receive email updates. Registering is fast, easy and free!

    When you register you will be subscribed for the Daily Digest email of the day's postings. You can adjust which categories you want to be included or opt out of the Digest altogether. Click for more info...

    All posting is done at the website. To post a new topic:
    • Click
    There is a Posting Instructions link on the top left of each page as well.

    Public replies, comments and questions are most welcome on all threads! There are buttons on the bottom of each post to reply privately (send a private email) or publicly. Please only reply publicly if you think others in the community will be interested in your comments.

    All emails are sent in HTML format. If you see a bunch of "code" in your digest then your email reader is not configured to display HTML. Contact us if you need help changing this setting.

    To see all new posts across all categories, click on the New Posts option on the side menu bar.


    Thread = An initial message on a topic plus any replies on a given subject
    Topic = The subject of a thread

    You are reading a Thread in the Help Desk category. A thread is about a particular Topic and has a Title which is the same thing as the subject on an email. Each thread can include many replies. The replies stay together with the original post and thus form a thread of conversation. Of course you can also reply privately via email, in which case your reply is not posted on the website. A thread could be just one message such as “Looking for a Housemate” or an extended discussion on ants.

    Category Navigation

    At the top of most pages there is a box which displays where you are within the hierarchy of categories. Here is an example:

    This says that starting from the home page ("WaccoBB") you are in the About WaccoBB category and within that you are in the Help Desk category and within that you are viewing the post name "Introduction to this site".

    You can click on any level of the hierarchy to go there. You can also click on the logo in the top left corner to bring you back to the home page. There is also a Category Jump drop-down box in the bottom right of most pages. Click on it to go directly to any category or other areas of the site.

    OK, that’s enough for now!

    For more information see the Help Desk category. You can also post your questions there. Don't be shy!

    It is your generous participation in our community that makes the amazing place that it is!

    Happy Networking!


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