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    Founder & Moderator

    Sonoma County Homeless Resources

    Location:  Sonoma County
    The current Sonoma County Homeless Resource Guide can be found at: (Click on the Homeless Resource Guide option on the left)

    May you and your loved ones be well cared for!
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    HPRP: Homeless and Housing Programs

    Location:  Sonoma County
    Greetings all.

    On the heals of seeing a recent post on (financial) housing assistance the following will be of benefit to those who are at risk of loosing their rental, or in need of rental with income within Sonoma, Lake and Napa counties. There is over 1m to be disbursed within our communities. Feel free to email me should you have additional questions. Below is thier direct link related to these funds available for up to 18 months of subsidized rent, and will refer you to other agencies for deposits (i.e. HCA funds - many agencies disburse this fund).

    Homeless | Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa
    HPRP SONOMA Homeless Prevention & Rapid Re-Housing Program - see below

    NOTE: HPRP provides limited, short-term financial assistance (security deposit, rent or utility assistance, moving costs) for those who have lost housing or who are at risk of losing housing. This is not mortgage payment assistance. Other restrictions apply. Funded through grants from the City of Santa Rosa and County of Sonoma (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009/Homeless Prevention and Rapid-Re-housing Program).

    SONOMA: There are 3 steps you must complete to apply for HPRP funds.
    1- ONE Read the Preliminary Eligibility Guidelines; if you believe you qualify to receive assistance under this program, go to step 2.
    2- TWO You must complete the Intake Form.
    3-THREE You must collect copies (do not bring original documents) of ALL the documents that apply to your situation to prepare for your first meeting with a counselor for the HPRP program. Use the Required Documents Checklist before you make an appointment.

    Making an appointment is your final step.
    The phone number for an appointment is at the end of Required Documents Checklist.

    IF YOU DO NOT QUALIFY AND STILL NEED HELP, please consult our Housing Program offerings, listed below.

    LAKE COUNTY HHLC - Homeless Prevention & Rapid Re-Housing

    EN ESPANOL: Ayuda para prevenir perdida de vivienda & Ayuda con depósito para la renta (HPRP) del Condados de Sonoma, Napa y Lake

    1. Proposito del Programa (Preliminary Eligibility)
    2. HPRP Evaluacion (Intake Form)
    3. Documentos que puede necesital incluyen (Required document checklist)

    Santa Rosa Homeless Shelters and Services

    Housing Programs

    ADOPT-a-HOUSE Santa Rosa Transitional Housing

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    Sebastopol Homeless Guide.

    Location:  Sonoma County
    This was created by Saturday Table, a group concerned about the homeless and those in need of a meal.

    Saturday Table ~ For those in need of a meal~12 noon

    1st Saturday~ Sebastopol Christian Church
    7433 Bodega Avenue~823-8242
    2nd Saturday~Community Church of Sebastopol UCC
    1000 Hwy 116 North~823-2484
    3rd Saturday~St Stephen’s Episcopal Church
    500 Robinson Road~823-3281
    4th Saturday~ United Methodist Church
    500 North Main Street~823-7971
    5th Saturday~Occidental Laguna Sanga
    @ St Stephen’s Episcopal Church
    500 Robinson Road~823-7010


    Sonoma West Medical Center
    501 Petaluma Avenue(opening June 2015)

    Showers available at:

    Sebastopol Christian Church~823-8242
    Community Church of Sebastopol~823-2484
    (Check for hours of availability)

    Sebastopol Public Library~ Internet access

    7140 Bodega Avenue

    Bicycle Shop

    West County Cycle Service
    200 South Main Streed

    Ace Hardware

    660 Gravenstein Hwy North


    Wash Plus~7110 Bodega Avenue~415-272-9060
    Boomers~286 South Main Street~829-0222

    Food Pantries

    Seventy Day Adventist Church call 829-3964
    St. Sebastian Catholic Church 823-2208
    Inter-church food pantry 823-2483]
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