You've seen him.
The one in front
of the video store.
The one
who can't afford
to rent a video.
The one
who can't afford
to go
into the restaurant
and order
a slice of life.

You've seen him.
With the big bump
on his noggin--
the one that he got
from someone
who didn't do yoga
or meditation.
or know about Rumi
or the course
in miracles.

You've seen him
on Main Street,
on the sidewalk
in his Arthur Rimbaud
frock coat
(with Illuminations aplenty!).
There at ground zero,
with one lawsuit
in his coat pocket
and several citations
in his pants pocket:
no place to stay
outta de frost, jack,
but a place
on the docket!

O, you've seen him.
He, who worked
at the convalescent hospital
twenty years ago.
He, who rode the surf
at Venice Beach
and saw Jim Morrison
forty years ago.

I know you've seen him.
But have you ever stopped
to ask
Timothy Tibe
Timothy Tibe
Timothy Tibe
Timothy Tibe
what he needs
to thrive--
not barely,
stay alive--
at the age of fifty five?

Well, try it sometime.

ed rimbaugh