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    Homeless Girl Scouts

    Girls Scouts in New York's homeless shelters are selling cookies by mail this year.
    For girls whose families have lost their housing, Girl Scouting provides:

    • consistency – a weekly meeting where girls know they'll learn, try new things, and have fun.
    • community – a network of girls and supportive adults who, even if they’ve never met before, are part of the same club.
    • I once had a 13-year-old neighbor whose uncle raped her and whose mother thereupon took to drinking again. Shortly afterward, a womon came to my door asking whether there were any girls in my household, because she wanted to start a troop. I told her about my neighbor and showed her the girl's apartment door, and she knocked there, spoke with the girl, talked the mother into letting her join, bought her a uniform out of her own pocket, gave her a safe social space and very possibly saved the girl's life.
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