I'm looking for a vehicle that meets the following specs. Can anyone name a vehicle that fits these?

Something higher off the ground than most sedans (don't want to lean down into car). No full electric but hybrids okay, plug in or otherwise; 40-50 MPG minimum; compass built in; driver can control windows at all times even when passenger window control is restricted (believe it or not some cars ONLY allow driver control when passenger control ALSO allowed); trunk has BOTH button AND keyhole; if sedan, only hatchbacks considered so trunk doesn't get in its own way (SUVs, vans, trucks, and wagons & hatchbacks that are higher off ground are all okay); automatic transmission; backup cam; cruise control esp adaptive; driver seat reclines all the way back; sufficient knee room/pedal reach for short person.

Bonuses (not required but preferred): adaptive headlights, roof rack, towing ability, Moon/sun roof, heated seats, extra 12v/USB ports, built in cooler, third row seating.

Thanks 4 ur time & replies!

TEXT only pls: (707) 238-2783