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    Seeking a peaceful home near Forestville/surrounding area

    Location:  Forestville
    Hello! I am currently in search of a new home in the Santa Rosa/Forestville area. My name is Victoria, I was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and up until this year, have spent nearly the past six years living in San Diego, California. I am currently residing in Evergreen, Colorado with family over the winter. I will be attending the California School of Herbal Studies, beginning at the end of march, for an eight month intensive in herbal studies. I am looking to move as soon as February 15th, as late as March 1st. Month to month preferred, although I am open to signing a lease.

    I am in search of a peaceful home in the surrounding area of Forestville. I am very open to what that home may be—a room for rent in a shared space, unfurnished/furnished, a tiny house, a cottage, a yurt, a sweet trailer… looking to commute not more than 30-40 minutes to school. Ideally this home is a vegetarian/vegan household; I am vegan and absolutely love to cook nourishing, organic, plant based meals and along with that enjoy maintaining a clean and tidy kitchen space. I take COVID seriously and am very conscious of wearing my mask in public, not touching my face, washing/sanitizing my hands often and after touching doorhandles and other surfaces of the like in public... if I were renting room in a shared space I’d definitely wear my mask in the shared areas and be sure to wash my hands thoroughly upon arriving home, and keeping the shared spaces very clean and safe for all.

    I do my best to maintain a sustainable and waste free lifestyle. I love to garden, so some outdoor space with room for that would definitely be a plus! I am an aspiring herbalist and love caring for plants of all kinds. I tend to keep to myself but love to meet new people and make friends easily. I am an analogue (film) photographer, I love taking photos of the natural world as well as urban-scapes, plants, and friends! I have a Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Aries rising.

    I have two dogs, Stevie and Lucy. Stevie is a five year old 11lb mini schnauzer/poodle. She is super smart, silly, and a total angel. We’ve been together for almost four years since meeting at the animal shelter in San Diego. She goes nearly everywhere with me, and she is considered part “mountain goat” as she is an amazing on mountain trails! I’ve recently adopted Lucy, who is a super sweet, four year old petite blue heeler, who my mom has known since she was born! She is a very mellow, gentle pup. One of my favorite things to do is walk with them; I love exploring trails, beaches, forests, as well as city scapes. We walk a few miles a day, rain or shine. I am an avid hiker, always in search of new vistas. I take delight in reading and writing, painting, I love to knit, and enjoy music, dance, and art. I do not have a TV, however I do enjoy a movie on my laptop from time to time.

    I typically go to bed around 10pm, and wake with the sun. I like to be still and quiet in the mornings, I enjoy meditating after a cup of cacao or tea, practicing yoga, and journaling at the start of my day, along with going for a morning walk. I don’t drink often; when I do I enjoy a nice glass of wine (I was a sommelier/server in my pre-COVID life), and occasionally imbibe mama ganja. Lately I’ve been really enjoying sobriety and exploring plant medicine of other kinds (tulsi, mugwort, gotu kola, passionflower, chamomile, rose… lol).

    I am respectful and receptive towards others needs and space. I practice right speech, and appreciate when people speak their truth. Living in a clean, well kept home is essential. I do not use cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals. I wash my dishes after I cook and always tidy up after using the bathroom.

    Please reach out to me if you feel like what I’ve written resonates with you or someone you know! 

With gratitude,

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