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    The Virus is still winning

    The virus is still winning

    By David Leonhardt

    The New York Times,

    January 4, 2021

    By The New York Times | Sources: Local and national governments and health organizations, World Bank

    The chart compares the spread of the virus in each of those two countries with the spread in a group of nearby countries. As you can see, cases have surged in Britain and South Africa since the variants first surfaced — while holding fairly steady in the rest of western Europe and southern Africa.

    The new variants may not be the only reason. Britain and South Africa differ from their neighbors in other ways, as well. But there is no obvious explanation for the contrast besides the virus’s mutations.

    This suggests the rest of the world may now be at risk of a new Covid-19 surge.

    The variants already seem to have spread around much of the world. More than 30 other countries, including the U.S., have diagnosed cases with the variant first detected in Britain, which is known as B.1.1.7. Scientists say that it could soon become the dominant form of the virus.

    The B.1.1.7 variant appears to be between 10 percent and 60 percent more transmissible than the original version. One possible reason: It may increase the amount of the virus that infected people carry in their noses and throats, which in turn would raise the likelihood that they infect others through breathing, talking, sneezing, coughing and so on.

    As I’ve explained before, the biggest factor that will determine how many more people die from the virus isn’t likely to be the precise effectiveness of the vaccines or even the speed of their rollout. The biggest factor is instead likely to be how much we reduce the spread of the virus over the next few months, through a combination of mask wearing, social distancing and expanded testing. Those efforts can cut caseloads — and, by extension, deaths — more rapidly than a mass vaccination campaign can.

    But the U.S. was struggling to hold down new infections even before the variants appeared, and they will probably make the job more difficult. “I dismissed the news initially because viruses mutate all the time and there have been too many baseless ‘mutant-ninja virus’ doomsaying headlines this year,” Zeynep Tufekci wrote in The Atlantic last week. “However, as data on the new variant roll in, there is cause for real concern.”

    My colleague Apoorva Mandavilli, in a piece explaining what scientists do and don’t know about the variants, writes that they may end up “exacerbating an unrelenting rise in deaths and overwhelming the already strained health care system.”

    In recent days, the number of Americans hospitalized with Covid-19 symptoms has risen to more than 123,000, up from about 95,000 a month ago and 50,000 two months ago. The virus is still winning.

    [ Source ]

    Commentary :

    They {THEM, Inc.,} really want to get you All vaccinated. That’s because they want to alter your DNA so that those who survive these “trying times” will become dutiful Drones in the Global Beehive. This new strain of the Corona-virus was cooked up in a BL-4 Bioweapons Lab just as ye olde “Novel-coronavirus” also was. You may be sure that it is much more effective & much more deadly at killing more folks than the old strain was.

    That’s because the purpose of these viruses is to kill as many “useless eaters” as can possibly be done away with. This is the Final Conflict, and the Plutocrats have gone on the offensive, and are on a rampage of Mega-Death. The bastards. And most of you poor self-described “liberals” are so afraid to be seen as "conspiracy theorists” that you refuse to see the evidence that this is a very deliberate purge by the Plutes of what they consider to be the “excess baggage" of the Global population.

    As I have said before in this forum, examine the Message on the Georgia Guidestones – for it is "written in stone" - a
    monument in Granite that was commissioned by a Mysterious Stranger – similar to the anonymous Man in Black who commissioned Mozart to write what turned out to be his own Requiem.

    As I have written,

    "Many, many people are dying -- and shall die of this Plague. The Mega-Death aspect of this just hasn't happened quite yet. It will take its toll in Waves. -And there are more corona-viruses waiting in the wings."

    The lying Bastard

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