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    Christi Corradi
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    Beyond the Box Book Launch Happy Hour

    Friday, October 30th;5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
    Where Online
    Cost FREE
    Event Website Event Facebook Page Add to Google Calendar
    Book Release Party

    Facebook Live Event

    Guest Speakers

    • Kathleen Zemansky - Business Feng Shui
    • Julia Stege - Magical Marketer
    • Jill Lublin - International Speaker & Publicity Expert

    Find out how to get the e-book for under $2.

    What's the Book About?

    This isnít just another self-help book that promises a quick fix for your problems.

    Beyond the Box; Creative Thinking Expanded will revolutionize your thinking at the foundational level.

    Beyond the Box goes even further than out-of-the-box thinking. Who created the box anyway?

    It is one of the very hidden and underlying paradigms from which we operate. There are perceived protocols of how to be, who to become, and what rules to live by.

    In Beyond the Box, I will share with you a concept I call Creative Thinking Expanded. If you look up the definition of Creative Thinking, it means ďto think thoughts you have never thought before.Ē

    Creative Thinking Expanded is combining new ways of thinking, thoughts you havenít thought before, and adding the Universal Laws, also called the Universal Principles.

    Join us in our Facebook Group Mastering the Art of Life at

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