What if we told you one of the best tools for turning the tide on climate change is right below your feet? You may know that healthy soils yield more nutritious food and retain more water, but did you know they are also the key to pulling CO2 from the air and storing carbon safely underground?

Join us for part one of our Carbon Gardening Series -- a discussion about how farmers, ranchers, landscapers and gardeners are "growing" carbon with simple practices you can apply at home. We'll discuss the co-benefits of increasing soil carbon, like resilience to floods and droughts, how carbon gardening overlaps with permaculture design, ways to reduce the amount of carbon you and your landscape produce, and more.

Featuring special guests:
Jeffrey Creque of Carbon Cycle Institute
Will Bakx of Renewable Sonoma
Jessica Bates of Food Forest Farm West
Rick Taylor of Elder Creek Landscapes

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