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    Feinstein introduces "Emergency Wildfire" act - Environmental Groups oppose it

    Feinstein introduces "Emergency Wildfire" act
    - Environmental Groups oppose it
    See Feinstein's op-ed here:

    Feinstein: Living with the growing threat of wildfire

    September 6, 2020, 6:34AM

    Here's the joint press release in OPPOSITION from several environmental groups

    Susan Jane Brown, Western Environmental Law Center, (503) 914-1323,
    [email protected]
    Randi Spivak, Center for Biological Diversity, (310) 779-4894,
    [email protected]
    Anne Hawke, Natural Resources Defense Council, (646) 823-4518,
    [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>
    Blaine Miller-McFeeley, Earthjustice, (202) 745-5225,
    [email protected]
    Virginia Cramer, Sierra Club, (804) 519-8449,
    [email protected]
    Gwen Dobbs, Defenders of Wildlife, (202) 772-0269, [email protected]

    *Feinstein-Daines Wildfire Bill Would Evade Environmental Laws, Compromise Community Protection*

    WASHINGTON― Sens. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Steve Daines (R-Mont.)
    introduced legislation yesterday that would fast-track unsustainable
    logging, increase wildfire risk and jeopardize community safety. The
    measure stands in stark contrast to sensible, science-based legislation
    sponsored by Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), which would help communities
    in fire-prone areas without backcountry logging.

    The Feinstein-Daines bill, the Emergency Wildfire and Public Safety Act
    of 2020, would limit environmental, judicial and public review
    requirements. Among other things the bill requires extensive logging,
    allows for truncated environmental review procedures for millions of
    acres of harmful logging projects, and sidesteps procedures to protect
    imperiled species.

    “This legislation is a wish list from the timber industry, and would
    create more controversy and legal uncertainty,” said Susan Jane Brown of
    the Western Environmental Law Center. “The Feinstein-Daines bill will
    further undermine public trust in the credibility of the federal land
    management agencies, which is already at an all-time low.”

    “This bill shows a fundamental lack of understanding about wildfires and
    how to best protect communities,” said Randi Spivak, director of the
    Center for Biological Diversity’s public lands program. “Many recent
    wildlands fires in California burned through actively managed lands or
    occurred on nonfederal grass and shrublands. This bill is a knee-jerk
    reaction that defies science and will cause more harm than good.”

    “This bill fails to meet the urgent need to create fire-safe
    communities, yet it’s full of giveaways to logging interests,” said
    Kirin Kennedy with the Sierra Club. “It will undermine strong forest
    management even as science clearly shows that healthy forests are the
    foundation of fire safety and key to helping combat the climate crisis
    that is already escalating fire seasons.”

    “This bill is a disaster for anyone who cares deeply about protecting
    the best tools we have in the fight against climate change — our
    forests,” said Blaine Miller-McFeeley of Earthjustice. “It would
    eliminate bedrock protections that ensure people have a say in decisions
    affecting their homes, their communities and their safety. Instead of
    allowing this legislation to move forward, lawmakers should consider
    Senator Harris’s more practical alternative, which will actually help
    protect our communities from wildfires.”

    “This bill not only takes an ax to the safeguards that lead to smarter
    forest management and community safety, it succumbs to the myth that
    protecting wildlife is somehow incompatible with forest health,” said
    Lauren McCain of Defenders of Wildlife. “The indiscriminate logging that
    his bill enables puts hundreds of imperiled wildlife species that depend
    on America’s forests for their survival at risk with no clear public

    “The ink is barely dry on the Trump administration’s illegal attempt to
    dismantle the National Environmental Policy Act, and now comes this new
    attack on the bedrock environmental protection law,” said Amy McNamara,
    Northern Rockies director for the Natural Resources Defense Council.
    “Now, more than ever, it is critical that local communities have a voice
    in how their natural resources are managed.”

    In November 2019 Harris introduced S.2882, the Wildfire Defense Act,
    which authorized $1 billion per year to create a grant program for
    communities to develop “Community Wildfire Defense Plans” to improve
    community safety, retrofit critical infrastructure and homes, and apply
    “defensible space” to create a buffer between communities and the
    forest. Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) introduced a companion bill, H.R.
    5091, in the House of Representatives.

    /The Center for Biological Diversity is a national, nonprofit
    conservation organization with more than 1.7 million members and online
    activists dedicated to the protection of endangered species and wild

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    Re: Feinstein introduces "Emergency Wildfire" act - Environmental Groups oppose it

    Have friends in other states? Please send this on to them, and ask them to write their US senators to vote No.
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    Re: Feinstein introduces "Emergency Wildfire" act - Environmental Groups oppose it

    Thank you so much for posting this, and keeping us informed. I don't read the PD or follow the news, so I depend on WaccoBB post for news on important issues. I learn things from WaccoBB that I don't find anywhere else, and it's all in one place.

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    Re: Feinstein introduces "Emergency Wildfire" act - Environmental Groups oppose it

    Add Sonoma County Climate Activist Network (SoCoCAN!) to the list of groups opposing this.

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    Re: Feinstein introduces "Emergency Wildfire" act - Environmental Groups oppose it

    From Sonoma County Climate Activist Network (SoCoCAN!)
    Regarding S.4431 - Emergency Wildfire and Public Safety Act of 2020

    Santa Rosa, California
    September 16, 2020

    We are opposed to S. 4431, a bill co-authored by Senators Steve Daines (R-MT) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). This week, the Senators are calling for S.4431, the “Emergency Wildfire and Public Safety Act of 2020,” while opposing organizations including the Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, Earthjustice, Natural Resources Defense Council, and National Parks Conservation Association, and other organizations – collectively representing millions of Americans – are saying the bill would increase wildfire risks to communities and ignore environmental laws. Rather than focusing on making our homes and communities safer, the bill would result in increased unregulated logging in areas far from communities.

    Congress needs to directly support communities in creating defensible space and hardening homes, rather than spending hundreds of millions for increased logging efforts – which have exacerbated recent fires in the West in areas where clear-cutting and thinning operations have removed the largest, most fire-resistant trees.
    S. 4431 is calling for more biomass energy production, which spews carbon dioxide and other toxic byproducts into the air by the ton. This bill completely ignores the value of forests as storehouses of carbon.
    Burning forest products in biomass plants is ineffective in protecting communities and forests during wildfire, is expensive, while masquerading as clean energy, and relies on government subsidies, hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars, so fewer dollars are then available for making us safer. Spending more on biomass would also take finite resources away from true clean energy sources.

    S. 4431 is a discredited, unscientific initiative that will take us in the wrong direction. It is not a climate solution, will cause heavy increases in carbon released into the atmosphere and will drastically reduce the ability of forests to store and sequester carbon. The top fire scientists have shown us that we need to focus on defensible space and on creating and maintaining fire-safe homes. This bill needs to be completely modified, focusing on protecting homes and communities.

    Sonoma County Climate Activist Network (SoCoCAN!)
    467 Sebastopol Ave.
    Santa Rosa, CA 95401
    [email protected]
    707-595-0320 (email contact preferred)

    The Sonoma County Climate Activist Network (SoCoCAN!) is a strong and active network of 50+ local climate change groups and over 400 individuals working together to address and reverse climate change.

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    Last edited by Barry; 09-16-2020 at 01:02 PM.
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