Hi everyone! My sweet cat Violet and I are beginning our search for a new space to live in! Weíve been living near Graton in the sweetest caravan while Iíve been in herbalism school in Forestville, and are looking for a slightly bigger indoor space where Iíll have some room to study on rainy winter days (I just started a masters program online). Iím particularly interested in a separate cottage, ideally with some space for a garden close by, but am open to the idea of a room within a home of other conscious women. Bathtubs and wood stoves are a huge plus :) and definitely need WiFi. Violet loves exploring outdoors but has historically been an indoor cat so there is some flexibility there if there are other cats/dogs on the land. Ideal budget is $800-1000 max and I am open to a partial work trade! Open to an October or early November move.
Thanks so much!!