Through September 13, the public is being asked to report bad pavement issues such as potholes, cracks, crevices or general disrepair within city limits by calling the city’s Pavement Survey Hotline at (707) 634-5100, emailing [email protected], or replying to this post.

Beyond what our crews see out in the field, we need to demonstrate that there is public concern in order to help our Engineering Department apply for the money that we need to get the job done and help steer Capital Improvement Plan Funding to the most needed areas.

When reporting a pavement problem, residents are asked to be as specific as possible by not only identifying the street, but also the closest intersection or address to the issue. If the report is made through the email address, a photo may be attached.

Watch the City's Facebook Live tomorrow, September 3rd, at 9am to ask questions and learn more!