I'm wanting a "roommate type living arrangement" with someone who's compatible and would benefit from a work/trade living arrangement (free rent in exchange for 20 hours work per week at $13.00 per hour).

Work (Tasks/Responsibilities):

  • Cooking (simple organic meals - requires some experience cooking)
  • Cleaning (keeping place super clean and organized)
  • Driving (to doctor's appointments and a few errands)
  • Administrative Assistant (scheduling, paperwork, correspondence - requires organizational and writing skills)
I'm looking for someone who I'll be compatible with. I am:
  • A 60 year old female
  • Stable, responsible, ethical (generally competent and capable)
  • Progressive (politically left)
  • Not dogmatic (religiously or spiritually)
  • Adhering to a healthy diet (all organic and not much processed - don't want constant temptations around)
  • Sensitive to allergens and toxins (no scented cleaning or personal care products used in home)
  • Social but also independent (love interacting but also respect giving/getting needed space)
  • Easy going in many ways - but also needing to be firm about a few specific things (keeping my home clean and organized and getting assistance from someone who's responsible, competent, and easy to get along with)
  • Generally a good person who gets along well with others
Bedroom and living room offered in exchange for 20 hours assistance per week - which is also paid $13.00 per hour. Non-toxic environment - organic food and green products only - with no scents or junk food in home. I like a relaxed, attractive, and happy environment. I'm progressive, an artist and activist, and spent ten years traveling and working around the world.

I would love to find the right person for a long-term living arrangement - one that would be a win-win situation for us both! I'm a 60 year old Berkeley Girl who needs assistance with healthy meals, keeping things clean and organized, rides to doctor's appointments, and administrative assistance. No personal care needed.

I'm in a two bedroom apartment that is furnished nicely and has no wall to wall carpeting. The kitchen and bathroom are shared, but you'd have your own bedroom and you'd also have the living room mostly to yourself (I'm mostly in bed). The living room has two new couches (but outgassed) and a nice large desk. I'm expecting my Section 8 Voucher within a year two and am hoping to use it to be able to move into a house - and you'd be included in that move.

I'm trustworthy, ethical, warm, caring, respectful, independent, non dogmatic, rational, analytical - but also with an equal respect for emotions and feelings. I'm also a bit goofy when happy! Clear communication is super important to me - being open, honest, direct - but also caring and respectful. I don't do well with game playing and/or ego issues - like passive aggressiveness or making something personal when it's not. I would like to find someone who appreciates the same - who is reliable, stable, and is in general, capable of getting things done.

Does this sound like it could be a good fit for you? If so, contact me, and tell me a little about yourself and what you're looking for. Move in date would be four weeks from date of hire (although, if needed, could be longer). Absolutely No Dramas, Addictions, or Anger Issues, please. Thanks! Katy
[email protected]