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    Natural Cures for COVID being Censored / BILLIONS of Dollars Spent on Vaccines and Drugs

    Natural Cures for COVID being Censored as BILLIONS
    of Dollars are Spent on Vaccines and Drugs

    by Dr. Alan Palmer
    Children’s Health Defense

    The Shunning of Nutritional Science and Self-Care in the Public COVID-19 Narrative

    [CHD Note: This is Part Three of a four-part series. In Parts One and Two I outline the case for the terrain being the most important consideration when it comes to outcomes from infectious diseases. The terrain represents the health of the individual, their nutritional status, their environmental exposures and surroundings, their access to clean water, personal and public hygiene, etc.]
    Enter the spin zone

    In the media coverage surrounding COVID-19, why are we hearing nothing about what each individual can do FOR THEMSELVES nutritionally in an effort to build their immune competency to resist and overcome infection?

    Why is the narrative all about how the pharmaceutical industry is going to “SAVE” us?

    Could it have something to do with the fact that the pharma-controlled media wants to convince us that we must spend billions of dollars and wait for big pharma to come to the rescue with new, expensive, proprietary and patented anti-viral drugs and a magical vaccine to rescue us from COVID-19 therefore “allowing” us to return to normal life?

    I’m not even saying that it’s only nutritional options and natural alternatives that are being shunned.

    Even inexpensive, easy to access drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin with zinc are being played down, despite studies from around the world showing it’s efficacy.

    And, with a history of use for over 60 years in millions of people, it has proven to have an excellent safety record as compared to many other pharmaceutical drugs.

    A course of treatment is under $30 compared to Remdesivir, which costs more than $3,000. You can be sure that the antiviral drugs being developed for COVID-19 will probably exceed that cost.

    Let’s be honest; inexpensive, safe drugs or natural alternatives like herbal or nutritional compounds won’t provide pharma with the big payday they are banking on from COVID-19.

    They are opportunists, and you can bet they are going to make the most out of this opportunity.

    Opportunistic organisms in biology are those parasites, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses that take advantage of a weak host that offers them a ripe terrain for infection.

    These pharma opportunists are getting our government to fund the development and production of these drugs and vaccines to the tune of billions of dollars….AND they will potentially reap hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue from the sales (all underwritten by each of us taxpayers).

    No investment and all profit served up in a liability free environment!

    Can you think of a better business model and financial windfall scenario for them?

    In the meantime, as the powers that be, drag their feet on making these inexpensive treatments available to sick patients because they have something better on the horizon, thousands of people are dying. Many unnecessarily.
    And, since scientists have already said that the virus can and will mutate, the magical vaccine that we have all paid for and millions are relying on, will most likely be largely ineffective in a best-case scenario and outright deadly in a worst-case scenario.

    Another legitimate concern would be the vaccine’s role in the development of future long-term chronic disease.
    A similar situation plays out every year with the flu vaccine and its miserable rate of effectiveness, because guessing which strains will be prevalent the next season to incorporate into the vaccine is a roll of the dice.
    Three decades of attempts to make a coronavirus vaccine have been a miserable failure, resulting in what is called “pathogenic priming” or sometimes referred to as “immune enhancement”, which is a paradoxical response.
    This is where a vaccinated person, after later being exposed to the same virus has the risk of acquiring an extremely exaggerated immune reaction.

    This is something many top scientists and doctors in the vaccine field are warning against.

    It is not a great scenario when they are bragging about how fast they can get these vaccines to market and taking shortcuts in the safety studies like animal safety studies, followed by long-term human trials to make it happen.
    Quick to market with a shell-shocked public waiting anxiously for your product. Jackpot!

    [ CONTINUES... ]

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