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Point Reyes: A Wilderness in Peril

Robert Johnston on ‘A New Vision for the Coast’
Webinar & Discussion
Weds. July 29th at 6:00pm

Did you know that at this very moment, the future of our National Seashore at Point Reyes is at its most critical turning point?

“The Marin ranch wars are underway over the seashore’s general management plan. Whoever loses will sue the other side, and so it will go on for many years. Yet if we look at the dairy and cattle sectors’ prospects and take a long view of coastal protection in the 21st century, we may be able to get beyond the issue entirely. The agricultural economy is changing, as are public preferences.”

Hear more from Robert Johnston, retired professor of land use planning at the University of California, Davis on his ‘New Vision for the Coast.’ He will be joined by a team of local activists, conservationists, biologists, and film-makers to discuss the fate of our backyard paradise and how it’s being threatened by pollution, habitat loss and giveaways to private industry.

Find out what’s happening. Questions and comments are welcome.

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