Hey you, beautiful sunny humans. My name is Heather and I'm a 50 something with a young heart. I'm thrilled to be back connecting with the community and weaving myself into the mix in crazy Covid19 Times. I am looking for a COVID safe conscious place to live, as the place I am currently in is needed for the family. I'm Currently on a beautiful but temporary property in Graton with a desire to stay in West County.
I'm casting another net for manifesting my ideal long-term space to root down as sadly the situation here changed.

Do you know of this place?

•The home is spacious, airy and bright

•Property has by trees, flowers, and grass, in or near nature

•It has a lovely kitchen with at least one window, a gas stove, and oven

•A queenly bathtub and peaceful outdoor space, maybe a garden.

•Hopefully a separate fridge, dishwasher, washer and dryer on-site and a line to hang clothes

•Fireplace or wood stove in addition to propane heat would be a dreamy bonus

•Parking is easy

•Mellow, supportive, clean living people of all ages who are respectful and thoughtful.

The neighbors are friendly.

I am fun to live with when I'm not working. I'm clean, responsible, and quiet, Smoke/drug-free. I enjoy caring for spaces and contributing to households. I am environmentally conscious and into natural healing, holistic perspective, music, and home-cooked meals. My work revolves around Real Estate and I work at home and talk on the phone a lot, so I prefer to have a quiet space to concentrate and talk with clients confidentially. I can possibly bring an exterior office with me; a tiny house or RV? or maybe you have an office space? I have always been on orchards and vineyards and like it, but I'm open. I'm engaged in creativity and love to make spaces beautiful, I enjoy portrait photography & massage (when it's safe). I cook, I practice yoga, dance. I am a doer and maker of things I paint and other quiet to semi-quiet activities. I have a semi Wild cat who is personable and cute named Cosmic Dust.

My budget is dependent on the quality of space but hope to stay under $800 all-inclusive. Guesthouse or studio preferred --and work trade may be the best during COVID times. I'. currently doing a work trade for being on call. I could do the shopping and other daily living tasks, but no cleaning, please. I'm very open to exploring different roommates and community configurations with easy-going, healthy oriented, good folk. Please reach out. THANK YOU. <3