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    Free Virtual Writing Marathon

    Friday, July 10th;7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    Where Online (Google Meet)
    Event Website Add to Google Calendar
    In the spirit of making the most of social distancing, I am now hosting virtual writing marathons! These are free events lasting for two hours.

    What's a writing marathon?

    For the duration, everyone agrees to write without stopping. No error correction. No writer's block. Pure forward momentum and creative flow.

    A writing marathon is similar to a "word sprint" with a few key differences:

    • Marathons are longer, so there is an opportunity to really delve deep into your project.
    • Marathons are supportive rather than competitive. The quality of your experience matters more than high word counts.
    • Our marathons are always done as a group. It's powerful to be part of a group where everyone is geared in to the same thing.
    In the shared space of a writing marathon (whether in-person or virtual), the level of creative fuel can be high and it can easily give you a boost in your creative process.

    Just by the fact of everyone showing up, we help each other.

    What's behind this?

    Over the past few weeks, I have taken part in a lot of virtual meetings and I have been astounded at how connected the space can feel.

    Beyond any doubt, I know that despite being in different time zones, we can still meet and experience real connection. We are all more powerful together than we are alone.

    Because of what is happening with Covid-19, I am not planning any in-person writing retreats for the near future.
    Instead, I am embracing how technology can bring us together. So far, so good.

    How it works

    1. Sign up for a time that works for you.
    2. We'll meet virtually using Google Meet and write nonstop for two hours.
    Whether any given meeting is huge and raucous or tiny and intimate, this is a chance for writers to be in a shared space where everyone is equally committed to writing without stopping.

    Simply by joining in, you're guaranteed to get a lot of writing done, and just by being present, you are helping other writers stay accountable.

    If you'd love to participate but these times won't work for you, send me a quick message.

    Let's get something really powerful going here!

    Looking forward to the next marathon--
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