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    Bicyclist Alert: Demonstration opposing the construction of a new gas station

    Thursday, June 18th;7:00 am - 9:00 am
    Where Sebastopol/Santa Rosa
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    Please join us bright & early for a COVID-conscious, nonviolent demonstration opposing the construction of a new gas station at 5300 Sebastopol Road (Highway 12 & Llano Road) in unincorporated Sonoma County between Santa Rosa and Sebastopol. Thursday, June 18, 7:30 am to 9 am 5300 Sebastopol Road (Highway 12 & Llano Road)

    For last-minute updates check

    If you are coming from Santa Rosa – Meet in Santa Rosa, Railroad Square – Meet at 6:30 am at BikePartners Bike Shop, 512 Wilson Street, Santa Rosa (between Redwood Gospel Mission and the Bikram Yoga center). Departure will be at 6:40. Bathroom, water, tire air and light mechanical services will be available. We’ll travel as a group down Santa Rosa Creek Trail, to Fulton, to the Joe Rodota Trail, to Llano. Phone/text contact: 707.595.0386″

    If you are coming from Sebastopol and want to ride with a group meet at Hopmonk parking lot at 7am.Contact James at [email protected]

    • Safety First! Please use common sense and don’t take any unnecessary risks.
    • Please do not obstruct traffic. Obstructing traffic is not a part of this action.
    • There is no place to park safely at this location. Please come by bicycle. Coming by bicycle will enhance our visibility and it has obvious relevance to the purpose of our demonstration. We are working to organize bike caravans from Santa Rosa and Sebastopol that can arrive via the Joe Rodota Trail.
    • If you cannot come by bicycle, have someone drop you off. Please don’t plan to try to park a car.
    • Public transit: We checked the schedules. The SCTA Route 20 bus is the one, but the schedule is too infrequent and you would arrive too late.
    • Bring your own home-made sign. If you can affix it to your bike safely so that people can see it as you ride to the demo, great! Something simple like “No New Gas Stations” would be fine. But be as creative as you want!
    • The plan is to line up along the south side of Highway 12, east of Llano Road so that we are visible to morning traffic. There is ample space to stretch a line of demonstrators along the road right in front of the project site.
    • Please wear a mask and maintain 6 feet of separation between you and the next demonstrator.
    • It is very noisy at this location between 7:30 and 9am. Traffic noise. So we don’t expect that we will be able to address the whole group and be heard easily. This means we will rely on all of you to use common sense and stay safe.
    • There are no restrooms at this location.
    • It is likely to be warm and sunny on June 18. Bring plenty of water, wear a hat and appropriate clothing, bring sunscreen, etc.
    We are looking forward to seeing you on June 18! If you have any questions contact: [email protected] 707-238-2298
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