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    The Covid-19 Virus and its Laboratory Origin

    The Covid-19 Virus and its Laboratory Origin
    The Man-Made Laboratory Origin of Covid-19

    Alan Cantwell, MD, and
    Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD



    One of the most important and controversial questions surrounding the current Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is its origin. Is it from a bat? — or is it a genetically altered laboratory bat coronavirus acting as a bioweapon? This article considers the Covid-19 lab origin.

    The first confirmed Chinese Covid-19 case occurred on November 17, 2019; the first U.S. case on January 21, 2020, and on February 3, 2020, President Trump’s Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, Kelvin K. Droegemeier, initiated a federal investigation into the alleged laboratory origin of the 2019 coronavirus.

    ”This is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States should be worried about right now,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, who heads the NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), told Newsmax’s Greg Kelly on January 21.

    But the virus threat grew from there, and by the end of January travel restrictions were put into place involving China and other nations.

    Subsequently, on April 17, 2020, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson scolded health officials worldwide, but especially Dr. Fauci. Carlson accused the President’s Coronavirus Task Force director of “lying” about the apparent lab virus outbreak. He also dismissed the status quo scientific consensus that contaminated bat meat at the Wuhan Seafood and Animal Market was the source of the virus.

    Several days later, reported that parties in India and the U.S. filed complaints against China, the former filing with the United Nations Human Rights Council for waging Covid-19 War. India’s complaint claimed Chinese biowarfare agents stole the Coronavirus from a Canadian lab and weaponized it at the Wuhan Institute of Virology ten miles away from the suspect market. In addition, U.S. lawyer and activist, Larry Klayman, filed a $20 trillion lawsuit against China for waging a biological war.

    Prashant Pradhan, Covid-19, and “unique” HIV-like insertions

    On-or-about January 31, 2020, Prashant Pradhan and eight experts in coronavirus gene-sequencing affiliated with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), the University of New Delhi, IBM, and New York University at Stonybrook, published an extraordinary paper. Using the most advanced computer programs for genetic analyses, they posted in urgency and public duty a ‘non-peer reviewed’ study entitled: ‘Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag [gene sequences].

    To some observers, this finding suggested a ‘smoking gun” that pointed to genetic engineering of a malicious virus related to AIDS. Pradhan’s ‘preliminary report’ sent shock waves through the scientific community.

    But there was no mention of Pradhan’s stunning findings in the major media. And curiously, two days after the report appeared, the authors voluntarily withdrew the study to avoid misrepresentation and controversy.

    Pradhan wrote that it was not his intention to feed into ‘conspiracy theories,’ and said he would get back with a revised version after reanalysis. That never happened. On March 22, however, with no news about revisions, it was announced that Pradhan and the University of New Delhi had developed a cheap Covid-19 detection testing kit currently undergoing clinical trials.

    The Anderson paper concluding Covid-19 is not man-made

    On March 17, two weeks following Pradhan’s report, and before Carlson’s broadcast on FOX, a paper was published undermining Pradhan’s findings and the lab virus evidence entitled, “The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2’.” Published in Nature Medicine, 5 authors concluded SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) is not a laboratory manipulated virus.

    The lead author, Kristian Andersen of Scripps Research Institute of La Jolla, CA; and senior author, Robert F. Garry of Tulane University in New Orleans–the co-founder of Zalgen Labs in Maryland–prompted widespread news headlines such as, “Sorry, conspiracy theorists. Study concludes COVID-19 ‘is not a laboratory construct’.”

    Similar to Pradhan’s commercial interests, Zalgen’s background involved the development and testing of a coronavirus diagnostic test in alliance with pharmaceutical companies. Partners included the NIH, NIAID, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as well as Johns Hopkins University. The latter, operating at the forefront of coronavirus intelligence gathering, data mining, scientific analysis, infection projections, and media reporting.

    In the Nature Medicine report, Garry did not specifically mention Zaldan’s research and development of a coronavirus test under the required disclosure of “Competing interests”. He simply noted that he co-founded “Zalgen Labs, a biotechnology company that develops countermeasures to emerging viruses.”

    A few years earlier, in 2016, the NIAID (under the direction of Fauci), gave Zalgen a grant for the development of recombinant antigen diagnostics for filoviruses, which resulted in the ReEBOV® Ebola test, among others. In 2018 the NIAID gave a $3.7 million dollar grant to scientists studying coronaviruses “emerging” from bats in China. The Wuhan researchers said their identification of new animal coronaviruses allowed them to quickly determine their potential to infect people and reduce global health threats.

    Andersen, Garry et. al., made no mention of Pradhan’s controversial genetic research, nor a 2015 study, also published in Nature Medicine, by Menachery et. al., concluding that “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence,” especially when altered in labs.

    It would seem that unnatural “inserts” with “high genetic similarity” to HIV, and Menachery’s group’s coronavirus lab engineering disclosures, would be amenable to confirmation by other virologists.

    Indeed, on April 18, 2020, Luc Montagnier, one of the world’s leading virologists and Nobel Prize Winner (in 2008) for the co-discovery of HIV, the AIDS virus, declared that Covid-19 was a “manipulated” man-made virus arising from China’s genetic experiments to develop a vaccine for AIDS.

    Montagnier carefully analyzed the description of the genome of Covid-19 and claimed there were indeed insertions of HIV into its genome. Doubting scientific dissenters claimed the insertions might have occurred with Covid infection from an AIDS patient. But Montagnier said: “No, In order to insert HIV sequences into this (Covid) genome, molecular tools are needed, and that can be only be done in a laboratory.”

    Referencing Pradhan’s study, Montagnier noted that the Indian researchers tried to publish the results of their analyses that showed that this coronavirus genome contained sequences of the AIDS virus, but “they were forced to withdraw their findings as the pressure from the mainstream was too great. Not surprisingly, the corporate-controlled media neglected this intelligence, and Montagnier was attacked by fellow virologists. A few called Montagnier’s idea absurd, ridiculous, and worse.

    One is left wondering if virologists and geneticists can ever agree if a virus damaging society is “natural” or “man-made” in a lab.

    Andersen and Garry et. al., did note that “obtaining related viral sequences from animal sources would be the most definitive way of revealing viral origins.” But, the genetic makeup of dangerous recombinants, and/or “classified” viral bioweapons, are not likely to be made public, nor to be deposited in ‘genetic banks.’

    It is a little known fact that genetic engineers, molecular biologists and virologists constantly create new viruses by genetically altering or combining two or more animal viruses together to make “chimera” viruses.

    Ten years before Covid-19, Wimmer et al presented details of so-called “synthetic viruses.” The manufactured RNA viruses combined the “human endogenous retrovirus”, a “chimp virus” (HIV cpz and AIDS virus progenitor) and the “SARS-like coronavirus.” This dangerous biotechnology with chimera-like viruses could easily induce epidemics and even pandemics, if maliciously employed or accidentally loosed from a lab.

    Apparently aware of these dangers, the Andersen team noted, “[b]asic research involving passage of bat SARS-CoV-like coronaviruses in cell culture and/or animal models has been ongoing for many years in biosafety level 2 laboratories across the world, and there are documented instances of laboratory escapes of SARS-CoV.” They further noted, “ Detailed understanding of how an animal virus jumped species boundaries to infect humans so productively will help in the prevention of future zoonotic (animal to man) events.”

    However, as though willfully blind to the facts, Andersen and Garry, et. al., totally dismissed the lab origin theory of Covid-19 despite the increasing suspicion that it is an unnatural ‘chimera virus’.
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    Re: The Covid-19 Virus and its Laboratory Origin

    Experts Slam Anthony Fauci for Complicity in the “COVID-19 Coup”

    Las Vegas, NV—Three of the world’s leading HIV/AIDS experts, doctors Judy Mikovits, Alan Cantwell, and Leonard G. Horowitz, slammed the Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Task Force director, Dr. Anthony Fauci, for complicity in a criminal enterprise risking humanity’s extinction via vaccination.

    Among Fauci’s most damaging recent frauds is his concealment of AIDS virus genes spliced into the spreading coronavirus, according to the experts.

    Such official malfeasance, beyond concealing a long history of lab-engineering of the world’s deadliest germs, evidences Fauci’s complicity in organized crime tantamount to treason and genocide, according to growing numbers of doctors and scientists.

    “Every single due process right was taken away from me. And to this day [the persecution] remains the same. I have no Constitutional freedoms or remedies.

    Mounting Professional Outrage

    In two new videos broadcasting on (censored by Google/YouTube), leading lab virus HIV/AIDS whistleblowers, Mikovits and Horowitz, acted independently to slam Fauci and his partnering vaccine industrialist, Bill Gates. Evidencing complicity in the coronavirus emergency, politically blamed on China, Fauci and Gates have strong-armed a stranglehold over civilization. They and their cohorts in cime have imposed a virtual ‘drug cult’ and ‘vaccine genocide’ upon humanity, profiting mostly elites operating a crime syndicate devastating the global economy, according to many conscientious objectors.

    Cantwell objected to Fauci’s lab virus evasion in a recent article co-authored with Horowitz titled, “The Man-Made Laboratory Origin of Covid-19. “We hope this article will contribute to a thorough investigation at the highest levels of science and government to determine the origin of the man-made Covid-19 bioweapon,” they wrote.

    Interviewed by investigative journalist Sherri Kane, Cantwell likened Fauci to “the new Pasteur.” Dr. Cantwell, a research dermatologist publishing science on microbial infections in gay sarcoma patients, authored AIDS and the Doctors’ of Death. He commented, “People forget that after 40 years and 35 million AIDS deaths, we are still waiting for a cure and a vaccine.”

    Dozens more experts in medicine, mental health, and the social sciences have opposed the obvious negligence and unscientific prescriptions the White House Task Force imposed under Fauci’s leadership. Justified by false models, erroneous projections, and industrialist-enriching emergencies, all orders were oblivious to public health risks and damages.

    Unproven, risky, and downright damaging directives included social distancing and toxic chemical disinfectants in populations already suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities and immune suppression. Wearing face masks that could spread, not just limit, germ transmissions has also been reasonably and responsibly questioned by doctors and health scientists.

    Shocking Videos Censored

    Justice Department officials, intelligence agencies, the mainstream media, and political leaders on both sides of the isle, have committed censorship and other damaging responses to the highly politicized extortionate proceedings. Most have been vetted through the social media by a growing number of physicians and science experts.

    Classic examples are provided in two shocking videos, both sensored by Google/YouTube: Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Horowitz’s COVID-19 Coup, Part I: The Cult.
    Both doctors were forced into bankruptcy and ‘neutralized’ by so-called “law enforcers.”

    In Judy Mikovits’s case, the FBI was directed by the bio-crime syndicate to unjustly jail Mikovits for rebuking Fauci’s opposition to her most alarming publication in Science. Dr. Mikovits and her co-authors challenged the common use of animal and fetal tissues in scientific experiments and vaccines. For this, she was unconscionably persecuted and prosecuted.

    Although no charges against her were ever filed, she was jailed on a bogus “fugitive from justice” decree.
    “Heads of our entire HHS colluded and destroyed my reputation,” Mikovits testified. “And the Department of Justice and the FBI sat on it, and kept that case under seal. Which means you can’t say there’s a case. . . .
    “Every single due process right was taken away from me. And to this day [the persecution] remains the same. I have no Constitutional freedoms or remedies.”

    “Justified by false models, erroneous projections, and industry-enriching emergencies, all orders were oblivious to public health risks and damages.”

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    Re: The Covid-19 Virus and its Laboratory Origin

    Sars-Covid-2 Genome :

    Name:  SARS-COVID-2 Genome.jpg
Views: 653
Size:  44.6 KB


    Wuhan nCoV-2019 SARS Coronaviruses Genomics Fractal Metastructures Evolution and Origins “Where there is matter, there is geometry.” Johannes Kepler Jean-claude PEREZ, PhD Maths § Computer Science Bordeaux University, RETIRED interdisciplinary researcher (IBM Emeritus, IBM European Research Center on Artificial Intelligence), 7 avenue de terre-rouge F33127 Martignas Bordeaux metropole France, phone 33 0781181112 [email protected]

    ABSTRACT : The main result of this updated release is the formal proof that 2019-nCoV coronavirus is partially a SYNTHETIC genome. We proof the CONCENTRATION in a small région of wuhan New genome of 3 different régions from HIV1 ENVELOPE GENE. In this article, we demonstrate that there is a kind of global human hosts adaptation strategy of SARS viruses as well as a strategy of global evolution of the genomes of the different strains of SARS which have emerged, mainly in China, between years 2003 first SARS genomes and the last 2020 nCoV-2019 Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus isolate Wuhan-Hu-1, complete genome. This global strategy, this temporal link, is materialized in our demonstration by highlighting stationary numerical waves controlling the entire sequence of their genomes. Curiously, these digital waves characterizing the 9 SARS genomes studied here are characteristic whole numbers: the "Fibonacci numbers", omnipresent in the forms of Nature, and which our research for several decades has shown strong links with the proportions of nucleotides in DNA. Here we demonstrate that the complexity and fractal multiplicity of these Fibonacci numerical waves increases over the years of the emergence of new sArs strains. We suggest that this increase in the overall organization of the SARS genomes over the years reflects a better adaptation of SARS genomes to the human host. The question of a link with pathogenicity remains open. However, we believe that this overall strategy for the evolution of the SARS genomes ensures greater unity, consistency and integrity of the genome. Finally, we ask ourselves the question of a possible artificial origin of this genome, in particular because of the presence of fragments of HIV1 retrovirus.

    KEYWORDS : SARS, Wuhan nCoV-2019, Fibonacci numbers, Fractal genome, Numerical stationary periodic waves, HIV1, synthetic genomes.

    [ Source ]

    [ pdf ]
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