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    Diana E

    Home sanctuary for young woman! -  1000

    Location:  Sebastopol
    Hello all, Iím searching for a new home for June 1st because the place Iím in isnít available anymore! I am seeking to ground and put my love into a nurturing space.

    Hereís some basics about me:

    • I am a singer: I chant, create soul music, vocal practice
    • Non-smoker, no pets (allergic to cats..)
    • Conscious, organic omnivore
    • Sometimes engaged with online community & facilitate circles
    • Part-time employed online (my in-person gigs were suspended/ended), have parental financial support towards my rent (+ can provide statement)
    • Have great references!
    Hereís what I desire in a home:

    • In/very near Sebastopol/Occidental
    • Sanctuary. A space I can relax and feel safe to be vulnerable & authentic
    • Natural light/sun
    • Ideally: Yurt, cabin or granny unit (or room that doesnít border other bedrooms - though of course things can always work out as I tend to be adaptable!)
    • Adequate fridge & freezer space/full sized kitchen access (especially for long-term living)
    • A place with land or outdoor space for me to sit outside and meditate, sing, smell the earth, lay in the sun
    • Bonus: a place where I can garden and nurture some seeds Iíve started sprouting
    • $1000 or under before utilities
    • I am open to small trades towards my rent.
    Housmates/landmates who:

    • Are great communicators, cooperative community-spirit
    • Are easy-going, kind, compassionate, heart-led
    • Enjoy gardening/herbs/organic food & products
    • Are tidy, clean, respectful
    • Are nourishing their wellbeing
    Thank you!! Blessings :)
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