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    Masks: Please....

    Please keep your mask over both your mouth and nose when shopping to help protect the lives of essential workers, many over 65. I saw several people yesterday with their masks covering their mouth, but not their nose. I also heard several sneezes during that time; it's allergy season, folks. Not a good combination. I had my own uncontrolled sneezing fit earlier today; no warning, just suddenly several in a row. If I were in public, my wet nose droplets would be showering everyone within several feet. I don't know...maybe something to think about for everyone so keen to not wear masks, or to just make a show of compliance.

    Also, you have the inconvenience of being hot, uncomfortable and barely able to breath through your mask/scarf for the few minutes you are shopping. Imagine what wearing one for 8 hours a day is like for those who are there to help you, and protect you from the virus by wearing a mask.

    Oh, also imagine what breathing cleaning chemicals into your system for 8 hours a day (even with a mask or scarf) can do for your lungs, sinuses, throat, heart, brain.

    This isn't about laws and loss of freedoms; this is about choosing to protect those people who are out there to help you, in whatever capacity that may be.

    Sorry, but I'm a little distressed tonight to see all this "relaxing" of guidelines at the same time the cases and deaths are going up in most states. Apparently some people have decided it's okay to have a higher death toll, so we can open the economy sooner. Did those politicians making those decisions ask the essential workers, the doctors, nurses, EMT, police, the grocery clerks, fast food workers, if it was okay with them to risk their lives for someone who won't help protect them by the simple wearing of a face covering? Really?

    I have no more words tonight...
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