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    Fred Stasek

    "EGRET, NOVATO FLATS" Marquetry Faced, Wall Mounted TV Cabinet -  $3200 OBO

    Location:  Valley Ford
    Wall-mounted TV cabinet with bifold doors

    This one-of-a-kind cabinet is made of solid cherry wood, with marquetry-faced ply doors. The bi-fold door action is unique, the art original, and all finely finished. It is currently unique in the world, but is the prototype of many more to come.

    • Made to accommodate a 32″ TV, but can be used for any purpose.
    • Overall dimensions: 39″ x 30″ x 11″.

    Visit my web page for bigger pictures and technical details.

    Since this is made in Sonoma County, I hope to sell it locally. I will deliver and mount the cabinet to a wall without additional charge. (Can install wiring, too, but will charge by the hour). However, I will need to wait on installing it till after the Covid-19 shelter-in-place order is lifted. I will, however, deliver to your location.

    Contact me at [email protected].

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