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    Sebastopol company wins 5-4 Supreme Court ruling!

    A Sebastopol company,, just won a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling "that under the so-called government edicts doctrine, lawmakers are not authors of the statutes they produce", including and annotations of the law by the legislature, are not copyrightable, and thus remain free.

    See more about this ruling here and here on SCOTUSblog

    Congrats and thank you to Carl Malamud!

    Of particular note is the scrambling of the traditional left/right split of the justices with the Chief Justice Roberts joining the majority of Sotomayor, Kagan, Kavanagh and Gosurch versus the minority of Ginsberg, briar, Alioto and Thomas.

    Thanks to Wacco member Thad, who brought this to my attention!

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