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    An Open Protest Re: the Marginalization of Dissent from the Party line of the MSM

    An Open Protest Re: the Marginalization
    of Dissent from the Party-line of the MSM

    Perhaps people who are tarred as "conspiracy theorists" should engage in a little "identity politics" and protest that they have become an oppressed minority?

    Calling someone a “conspiracy theorist” in America today is equivalent to calling an African-American a “nigger” in the South during Jim Crow, or calling someone a “communist” in the paranoid political climate of 1950, at the beginning of the Korean War.

    At that time, Stalinism was on the march in Europe, with Fronts on every continent. The "enemy within" were those people within the United States who were card-carrying members of the Communist Party, U.S.A., & thus, allied or affiliated with the “enemy without” - the Soviet Union. It was necessary to demonize those people – though they were, many of them, hard-working, decent Americans.

    During the period of the post World War Two “Red Scare,” people who merely considered themselves “progressives” were also tarred with the brush of being associated with the “enemy without.” After the House of Un-American Activities Committee passed through Hollywood in 1947, a ‘Black List’ came about, and many people were fired from their jobs. -OR if they were Screenwriters, the Studios would no longer consider reading their scripts. They had been outed as “communists.”

    The derogatory use of the term "communist” to discredit or marginalize people was universally in use in the United States right up until the time on the cusp of the '90's when the Berlin Wall came down, & the Soviet Union came to an
    end. Some right wing talk jocks still use the old term as a signal to the flocks that a thing or person is bad. For instance, both Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage used the term earlier this year in connection with Bernie Sanders. -Which was ridiculous, since Bernie is not a “communist” by any stretch of the imagination.

    Nevertheless, after the Fall of the Soviet Union, it became necessary to find a new term of approbation to replace the less relevant term “communist.” The phrase “conspiracy theorist” fit the bill perfectly. It was a term that fits all sizes – on “both sides of the aisle” and on both “sides” of the “Great Divide.” After all, any old "conspiracy theory" is all things to all men.

    The so-called (modified & altered) ‘left” could be trained to react adversely & reject anything – even without examining – labelled as a “right-wing conspiracy theory.” -And conversely, and with the same minimal use of gray matter, the so-called “right wing” could be (read ‘has been’) taught to automatically reject anything that was/is dismissed as a “conspiracy theory” by their favorite “right-wing” talk jock.

    I first noticed this use of the term {“conspiracy theory”) in a new light back in 1991, after the first Gulf War. I noticed, when a caller to Rush Limbaugh who stated that the Federal Reserve Bank is a privately owned joint stock company, was summarily dismissed & hung up on by good ol’ 10-4 good buddy Rush. “That’s a conspiracy theory!” Rush spat out.

    Funny, but back in 1991, I had the exact same experience at KPFA, when I tried to say the same thing about the Fed when the lines were open to in-calls. Philip Maldari hung up on me & decried my words as “a conspiracy theory.” Funny, that mention of the Same Institution should evoke the same flashing red light response from two very differently oriented radio personalities, on two vastly different politically oriented networks; but it is so.

    That was when it began – in the early 90’s - the use of the phrase as a new litmus of conformity – on the "Left" & on the “Right.”

    So, since the Fall of the Soviet Union and the End of the Cold War, discrediting people as “conspiracy theorists” has become the norm for that species of chauvinist who pride themselves in being immune from those insidious mental worms of “conspiracy theory.”

    Not discerning their own phobias and fears, they find refuge in the superiority they confer upon themselves by the practice of systematically rejecting any data that disturbs the security of their own personal, preferred comfort zone.

    “Discerning conspiracy theorists” on the other hand, are aware that, just as all of the “major religions” are roughly eighty-five percent in agreement about “morality” & “practice” {It is in "metaphysics" & “theology” that the differences lie} most well-crafted “conspiracy theories” contain roughly eighty to eighty-five percent validity. –Otherwise, they would have no traction at all.

    “Discerning conspiracy theorists” know a little about logic, and realize that if one rejects any “theory” (or thesis) completely [one hundred per cent (100%)] one is rejecting with it, a fair amount of what is Real.

    “Discerning conspiracy theorists” know that the C.I.A. in the wake of the initial, discerning, critical analyses of the Warren Commission Report, began running their own disinformation campaign, and created a cottage industry in churning out bogus paperback “conspiracy theories” on the subject of the Kennedy assassination. Later, they made the saying “Oh, that's just another conspiracy theory” a common figure of speech.

    “Discerning conspiracy theorists” also know – as a matter of course, being familiar with the terrain - how to ferret out what is false from what is true & real. This process, however, does take “discernment” – and the use of the grey matter we all were given. Furthermore, one must know a great deal in order to be able to do this.
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    Re: An Open Protest Re: the Marginalization of Dissent from the Party line of the MSM

    Q. What is the Party-line Concerning Novel Coronavirus?

    A. "Novel Coronavirus" is 'Bat Soup' & 'Nature's Revenge'

    >> Good-thinkful Subjects Must Not Deviate from
    MSM Party-line - to the
    Left or to the Right <<


    Deviants from Party-line to be Socially Disciplined;
    Marginalized as "Kooks" in All Social Media Platforms;
    & Ostracized from Society as "Conspiracy Theorists"

    Hardened Deviants from M S M
    * Party line to be Summoned
    before Tribunals for Examination & possible Sentencing
    to Re-education Camps for Social Crime of not Repeating
    M S M Party Line Mantra Faithfully, Obediently, & Often:

    H e r e ' s ***** t h e *** %% M a n t ra :

    " Novel Coronavirus" is 'Bat Soup' & "Nature's Revenge" "
    "Novel Coronavirus" is 'Bat Soup' & "Nature's Revenge" "
    "Novel Coronavirus" is 'Bat Soup' & "Nature's Revenge" "
    "Novel Coronavirus" is 'Bat Soup' & "Nature's Revenge" "
    "Novel Coronavirus" is 'Bat Soup' & "Nature's Revenge" "

    [ It's a Green Mantra ; Easy for Nature-lovers]

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