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    Thinking of others while shopping

    I'll say it- I've been kinda pissed off by the panic buying/hoarding of many goods I'm witnessing. People- especially those who can afford to buy for more than a few days snapping up huge quantities of goods- leaving little for others...

    The other day I saw a post from Whitebird Clinic up in Eugene ( great clinic and community resource spawned from 60's) urging people to pay attention to WIC symbols at chain grocery stores. I don't know a lot about it... but I guess there are items and brands that are available to people using WIC... and if they are sold out, they can't just switch to another brand or alternative product.

    And, I was talking about this with a friend in OR today and they pointed out that for many receiving assistance - which now includes a huge number of new people, their benefits come through certain days of the month. (I don't know when, and haven't had time to research- if anyone knows about CA please post).

    But, I guess my point is- it sadly seems a LOT of people need to be reminded we are a community. We all need to get by. And, especially in these times- we maybe need to learn more and consider the realities of the most vulnerable in our community,
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