I have 19í Shasta trailer that I live in and a little 1960 Shasta 10í trailer that I use as my office. Iím successfully self employed with good business for the last 15 years. Excellent credit score. I love gardening and pulling weeds is like a meditation to me.

Iím quiet and I have a 15 year old rescue dog. We are both friendly but do like space.

Iím looking for a long term situation. Unfortunately the place Iíve had In Two Rock for three years is going away. Really disappointing because itís so beautiful here and Iíve put in a greenhouse and am growing food and lavender. Would love to be able to continue this.
i tend to take care of the land wherever Iím at.

My trailer runs on 30 amps so I donít mind doing an electrical upgrade or any other infrastructure as needed.

Let me know if you would like to discuss further.

Thanks so much,