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    Support your local newspaper! Host a neighborhood gathering for Sonoma West

    Support your local newspaper! This is important! Trustworthy journalism is important both on the national level and the local level. Whereas I consider my paid subscriptions to the New York Times, the Washington Post and The LA Times as part of my contribution to the resistance and the forces of light, I also consider my paid subscription to the Sonoma West Times and News to be an integral part of my support of our local community.

    Local reporting and writing cost money! Laura and staff need to be paid! We all need to pitch in the $5/month ($60/year) to get a paid subscription for either online access (which includes a weekly newsletter) or the print edition to not only to know what’s going down, but also to be fully participating and doing your share for our Sebastopol community.

    I am one of the people saying that the the Sonoma West is better than it has been in years! (I’ve been subscriber since 1986.) Laura really is doing a great job of tuning in to what’s happening in town that counts and then writes it up for us in a clear, informative, and often entertaining way. (And with no typos!
    ) I cherry pick a few of the articles that are of particular interest to our community and share the first bits with you, but there’s lots more at their website that is worth reading, and I do it each week!

    Plus… this is a good deal! Organize a house party with some friends and save $30 for yourself and your friends can save $18 (only $42 for the first year). Such a deal! Plus you’ll get to meet Laura (a real reporter/editor!) and share your thoughts about what you like and/or want to see in your local newspaper.

    I don’t have a place to host Laura in Sebastopol (yet!) but I could see “hosting” her someplace public (Coffee Cats?) if that sounds good to some of you (let me know!)… Or just go ahead and splurge on a regular subscription for just $60/year ($5/month). You’ll feel good for having done it!


    Host a neighborhood gathering for Sonoma West

    Hello — As editor of Sonoma West, I'm faced with a bit of a conundrum: I keep hearing people say the newspaper is better than it's been in years, but our number of subscribers isn't going up. This is happening to newspapers across America, of course, but I'm not ready to give up the fight.

    Would you be willing to host a party at your home for friends and neighbors who you think might be interested in becoming subscribers to Sonoma West? I'll come and give a brief talk about the paper, but I'd also like to have a real conversation with you and your friends about what you like or don't like about Sonoma West and what kind of things you'd like to see in your newspaper.

    If you'd like to host a neighborhood gathering, email me at [email protected] or call me at 322-8696. My goal in 2020 is to double the number of subscribers to the paper, and this is one of the ways I hope to achieve that.

    Your friends will receive 30% off on their one-year subscription, and you'll receive six months of Sonoma West for free, just for hosting.

    Thanks for considering this idea. Sonoma West Times & News (formerly The Sebastopol Times) has served Sebastopol and west county for 130 years. Let's make sure it survives into the next century.

    Laura Hagar Rush
    Editor, Sonoma West Times & News

    P.S. If you're not a subscriber, subscribe here today:

    Subscribe to the print edition.

    Subscribe to the online-only edition.

    see this article on the Sonoma West website)
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