Join Gradina at a benefit for LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS, an art show and sale, concert, and dance with ALL funds going to the artist refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, and surrounding areas who are now in Greek refugee camps. Sunday, Feb. 2, 1–4, Arlene Francis Center, 99 West Sixth Street, Santa Rosa.
This event was originally scheduled for October 27, 2019, the day most of our county was evacuated in the Kincade Fire!

With Ken Genetti, tambura and hammer dulcimer; Gaelen Genetti, kaval, Natalie Hicks, tambura; Tabitha Doniach, violin; and Jana Mariposa Muhar, accordion, tambura, and percussion. Plus a set with Jim Avera, gajda, and Barbara Babin, gadulka.

JUST ADDED: SPECIAL GUESTS: Vince Delgado, kanun, and Coralie Russo, oud

Donation $10. Please carpool or use transit, as parking is limited. (Note: It’s next to the SMART Train station in Railroad Square, just north of Aroma Roasters..)

Here’s a link to the Gradina event page:

Here’s a link to the Love Without Borders website —you can see examples of artwork and more information about this important 501(c)(3) nonprofit:

Link to Vince Delgado/Coralie Russo, Mid-East Tapestry Ensemble:

One more link—Arlene Francis Center event page:

Hope you can make it! Please help spread the word.

Rebecca D
for Gradina