Is anyone interested in buying a house to rent out and/or renting one you already have?

I know this is a strange request but weirder things happen every minute. Here's the deal :: there are not enough affordable housing options for the abundance of human beings who live in the North Bay.

If you have a house that's not yet for rent, but is vacant, please consider renting it out.
If you would like to invest in the purchase of a house or property, for the purpose of renting it out, I bet I can fill it with great renters.
If you have a property with zoning for additional homes, and are considering building on it, I encourage it.
If you have a rental on AirBnB, consider renting it out at an average price to a long term renter -- and reduce your headache in having to schedule visitors, change the sheets all the time, and clean the place.

I don't want money to manage your rentals (though I am certainly open to it) -- All I want to do is live in a nice home and pay my hard earned dollars to a good person every month. If I could purchase a home, I would, but unfortunately I am not in that position. What I CAN OFFER though :: is support in finding awesome, realiable people to rent your house (including myself). I have a large network of friends who can help you renovate, remodel, build, fix up your property, etc. so that you can rent it out to us.

I'm an incredibly helpful and resourceful person. Managing your home, remodeling it, keeping it in good condition, can be a lot of work. I have FULL CONFIDENCE that I can help make the process of renting out your house easy for you. Have friends who would like to do the same? I certainly do. There are a plethora of fantastic, able-bodied people who want to live in this area and it just isn't as easy as it used to be to make "a good living" and "buy a home." So we need to rent. Let us rent from you! It's almost a public service at this point.

Just thought I'd throw it out there. I've spent hours of my life combing the internet for housing on behalf of myself and other friends, and it seems mostly useless. I thought I'd try out a creative approach -- and maybe someone else is out there, with a similar kind of creativity and humor as me, that would be interested in following up on this conversation.

The idea is not to rent houses for super wealthy tech people and folks with 6 figure incomes who want to spend time in wine country -- it's about providing comfortable and beautiful homes to good people, who are working hard, trying to live out here in the country and contribute to our communities, live happy and harmonious lives, and give our money to a good source (that would be you, if you take me up on this).

If you or anyone you know, is even a little interested in having a conversation about the possibility of something like this, feel free to reach out. I promise it will be unique and pleasing conversation, at the very least.