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    Help the housing crisis by supporting tiny house owners!

    Exhorbitant Sonoma County rents are pushing many to come up with creative solutions to survive. One of those solutions is the tiny house movement. Did you know this movement, that has swept the globe, began in Sonoma County? Tiny houses offer housing security to many who can't afford to buy or rent long term in Sonoma County's skyrocketing housing market. Building one's own mobile tiny house has become an affordable, creative, empowering, and environmentally sustainable solution for many who would otherwise be shut out of the system. However, the tiny house movement can't survive without supportive landowners.

    Let's come together in 2020 to help each other through this crisis!

    Many tiny house owners are creative, hard working, skilled, reliable, community-oriented, environmentally conscious, and bring a wealth of skills and knowledge about sustainable building, permaculture, and caretaking of the land. They also bring their adorable and artistic little homes that compliment rather than detract from the natural landscape.

    In the aftermath of the fires, the state and county are beginning to relax requirements and fees for accessory dwellings. It is now easier than ever to get certain types of permits for tiny houses. But we need landowners to join us in putting pressure on the county to make Sonoma county's zoning laws truly tiny house friendly in both towns as well as unincorporated areas.

    I am working with other local tiny house advocates to build an effective campaign to legalize tiny houses. If you are a tiny house owner or landowner who would like to get involved, please reach out at [email protected]. We are also pairing up tiny house owners with landowners who would like to host a tiny house on their land. Let's make 2020 a year of real grassroots change and community building, one little house at a time.
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