Welcome to CircleSing Sebastopol!

Special guest David Worm will travel from Oakland to introduce the art form and guide us in two hours of improvisational singing.

What is CircleSinging?
A joyous, spontaneous chorus led by one person (at a time) composing and delegating improvised musical pieces for the outer circle of people who bring the songs to life; as they start, change, transition, and ultimately end. This music is mostly wordless, which invites accessible, uniting, intuitive, and sometimes ecstatic experiences, while inspired words can swim in and out. The wordless, flexible sound format has allowed CircleSinging to become a worldwide art form, practiced in little pockets throughout countries and cultures. No prior experience is necessary to participate and enjoy, as it unfolds very simply.
For more information, visit: www.circlesing.org

Who is David Worm?
David Worm is a lifelong, multi-faceted, dedicated musician and has been touring the world as a member of Bobby McFerrin's improvisational singing groups Voicestra and Gimme5, since being introduced to the form in 1987. David co-created Oakland-based vocal band SoVoSó, OneVoice CircleSingers community in Oakland, and regularly teaches CircleSinging facilitation in Oakland and far beyond.

What is CircleSing Sebastopol?
We are creating a local, vibrant, regularly-meeting CircleSinging group, growing from the inspired roots of what they hold in Oakland, while bearing our own unique fruit. Passionately experienced CircleSingers living in the area of Sebastopol are gathering together to create an inclusive container for all those who want to have more opportunities to build their community and open their expression through singing.

Questions? Message Eric here or email [email protected]