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    Debra Jones & "The Debra Jones Hoax"



    (Note: The best written material on this hoax was posted on which has since been taken down. It was priceless.).

    SCROLL DOWN and look for BOLD black type here.

    ARTICLES: (SCROLL DOWN TO THE BLUE FLYER AT 90% THROUGH TEXT); (at 20% through the text);

    Streamed live on Sep 19, 2014
    This will be one of the most valuable ADVENTURES INTO SOVEREIGNTY SHOWS we have yet aired. Don’t miss this SEASONED EXPERT as she shares sovereignty secrets with Rebecca Cope, Andrew Bartzis and DEBRA JONES.

    DEBRA JONES IS A FORMER POLICEWOMAN AND FORMER LAWYER with a martial arts background. A woman small in stature, she learned how to take the strongest person down first. She uncovered more and more in the courts, and in the administrative agencies.

    She will share:
    1. 4 WAYS TO TAKE DOWN THE SYSTEM WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT and without going to war
    2. STOP SIGNING DOCUMENTS – AND STOP PUSHING THEIR PAPERWORK AROUND – How to stop joining the flesh with the paper
    3. Trusts and being it’s own jurisdiction
    4. The Power of the Notaries and why you might want to form a team of Notaries
    5. Understand how to make your own license, registration, live birth certificate, passport – how to make your own proper paperwork that the system understands.


    VIDEOS: (Read description below title in GRAY type. Also, go to :05-2:05, 4:35-5:40); (Get Back Sovereignty Part 1); (Get Back Sovereignty Part 2); (Get Back Sovereignty Part 3); (Get Back Sovereignty Part 4); (Get Back Sovereignty Part 5); (Get Back Sovereignty Part 6). (Yelm, Wash. Seminar Part 1); (Yelm, Wash. Seminar Part 2); (Yelm, Wash. Seminar Part 3); (Yelm, Wash. Seminar Part 4); (Power of Notaries); (Intro To Sovereignty Classes); and (Register For Classes).

    Rodney DALE ("Judge DALE") Class has his own internet radio show. On July 8, 2014, in Episode 869 of his radio show, Class purported (means "pretended") to bring in a "LEGAL INSIDER" as a guest and introduced her as "FORMER ATTORNEY" and "FORMER LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER", "Debra Jones’’. (Click on the actual radio show here, dated 07/08/2014. It is simply unbelievable!). (Note: For obvious reasons, this radio show has since been taken down.).

    Not surprisingly, during this 2 hour 43 minute radio show, Jones made the same type of utterly delusional AMATEUR claims about the law and the legal system that Class himself makes. But, unlike Class, Jones ALSO claimed that: 1). as a “LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER", she and her fellow officers did nothing but INTENTIONALLY break the law to INTENTIONALLY harm the public; and that 2). as a “FORMER ATTORNEY”, she, the judges, the prosecutors and her fellow attorneys did nothing but INTENTIONALLY break the law to INTENTIONALLY harm the public. This show was simply unbelievable.

    During this same interview, Debra Jones claimed that "the Police Benevolent Association" was "GROOMING" her "TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES". In some seminars, Jones also claims to be a "doctor". In fabricating still more FAKE background, Jones also claims to be a former Congressional Aide to a Congressman who is now conveniently dead (making verification of this claim almost impossible). Finally, Jones claims to be from "Washington, D.C." instead of "Washington state", where she is actually from (as an inside joke on the American people and to throw investigators off of her trail). It seems that no lie is too big for Debra Jones to tell.

    Class’ radio audience was understandably SHOCKED and HORRIFIED by the claims of Jones whom they genuinely believed was a REAL "LEGAL INSIDER", a REAL "FORMER POLICE OFFICER" and a REAL "FORMER ATTORNEY" who was actually telling them THE TRUTH. This radio show became an internet sensation, much to the delight of Class and Jones (because it successfully incited the hatred and outrage that is was intended to incite). (Read the comments of the VICTIMS of this hoax here, below this fraudulent article. They are simply unbelievable!). (Note: Regretfully, has since been taken down.).

    There was only one problem. THE WHOLE THING WAS ONE BIG HOAX! Before putting her on his internet radio show, Class already knew that Jones WAS NOT a “legal insider”, WAS NOT a "former law enforcement officer" and WAS NOT a "former attorney". In fact, Class already knew that Jones was EVERY BIT THE FRAUD AND CHARLATAN THAT HE WAS. Otherwise, he would not have had her on his radio in the first place (which does nothing but peddle hoaxes and utterly delusional amateur legal theories).

    1. Jones’ REAL name is "Debra Jenks Jones";
    2. Jones was born 05-29-1967 and is now 52 years old;
    3. Jones lives in Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington state, 98375. (This is why many of her seminars are conveniently held in nearby Yelm, Washington state);
    4. Jones HAS NEVER HAD a professional license of ANY TYPE from ANY STATE which means that she was NEVER an attorney (or doctor) anywhere at any time. This is why Jones will not reveal the name of the law school from which she allegedly graduated or the name of the state(s) from which she was allegedly received her license(s) to practice law;
    5. Jones was NEVER a "law enforcement officer". This is why Jones will not reveal the name(s) and location(s) of the law enforcement agency/ies at which she was allegedly so employed;
    6. Jones was never being "groomed" by the "Police Benevolent Association to be President of the United States". This is why Jones will not reveal the names of the people who allegedly so"groomed" her, the place(s) where she was allegedly being so "groomed" and the means by which she was allegedly being so "groomed";
    7. Jones STILL solicits and collects money from her victims for seminars by FRAUDULENTLY claiming to be a "former police officer" and a former "attorney". (She often also claims to be a "doctor".) (Note description paragraph BELOW THE TITLE IN GRAY LETTERS). (Note that the seminar depicted in this video was conveniently held in Yelp, Washington state, near Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington state, where Jones actually lives). (Jones' business name and logo). (Note: Jones has recently taken this "CONTACTS" page down. But, she once published this "CONTACTS" page on her website which reflected a FAKE "Oakland, California" business address and a FAKE telephone number that was actually used by an unrelated business. Jones published this FAKE, OUT-OF-STATE ADDRESS and this FAKE OUT-OF-STATE PHONE NUMBER on her website in order to prevent angry seminar customers from being able to find her to get their money back upon learning that she was a total fraud.).

    It is a STATE crime to impersonate an "attorney" or a "law enforcement officer”.;

    But, it is a FEDERAL FELONY to use a "means of INTERSTATE commerce" (like the internet, U.S. Mail or a telephone) to commit fraud (like soliciting money for SEMINARS or CLASSES by fraudulently claiming to be a "former attorney", "former police officer" or by fraudulently claiming to be "Private Attorney General" who can "train" others to become the same). (the law on this subject); (the law on this subject); (Register For CLASSES) (Yelm, Wash. SEMINAR Part 1); (Yelm, Wash. SEMINAR Part 2); (Yelm, Wash. SEMINAR Part 3); (Yelm, Wash. SEMINAR Part 4);

    No matter which charlatan defrauded you (Debra Jones, Rod Class, Eddie Craig, etc.), you have legal rights. VICTIMS who have paid for such fraudulent SEMINARS or CLASSES may recover THREE TIMES their money back in a FEDERAL RICO CIVIL ACTION (plus attorney fees and costs) and such VICTIMS may ALSO recover PUNITIVE DAMAGES for FRAUD and MISREPRESENTATION in the same action under STATE law. But, such victims must file the civil suit before the applicable deadline expires. If you are such a victim of Debra Jones, Rod Class or Eddie Craig and you wish to file CRIMINAL charges, then immediately contact the federal prosecutor's office nearest you before the applicable deadline expires!

    Debra Jones PRETENDS to be a "FORMER POLICEWOMAN", "FORMER ATTORNEY" and "DOCTOR" while Rodney DALE ("Judge DALE") Class PRETENDS to be a "FORMER FEDERAL JUDGE" named "JUDGE DALE", a "PRIVATE ATTORNEY GENERAL" and a "14TH AMENDMENT, SECTION 4 BOUNTY HUNTER". The world of these charlatans is a world of PRETENDING, MAKE-BELIEVE and HOAXES. Nothing more.

    Note also that Rodney DALE ("Judge DALE") Class is Deborah Tavares' partner in all of her LEGAL hoaxes (not her non-legal hoaxes). For her own separate hoaxes, click on the link below.

    Rodney DALE ("Judge DALE") Class likely has Debra Jones' TELEPHONE NUMBER and other contact information since she appeared on his radio show VIA TELEPHONE CALL. So, if you paid Debra Jones for a fraudulent SEMINAR or CLASS, you may be able to reach Debra Jones through Rod Class in order to get your money back.

    Debra Jones is NOT a "former police officer" and is NOT a "former real estate (or asset protection) attorney". Similarly, she is NOT a "doctor". Debra Jones is just another charlatan and poser who pretends to have "inside information" that she does not have. She is just another liar and imposter who pretends to "reveal" imaginary wrongdoing that never occurred. As was the case with her partner in this hoax, Rodney DALE ("Judge DALE") Class, her purpose in this hoax was to make Americans think that their justice system is completely illegitimate, invalid, illegal, unconstitutional, immoral, unjust, corrupt and to otherwise incite hatred and violence against innocent Americans.


    For the hoaxes of ROD CLASS, click here.

    For the hoaxes of DEBORAH TAVARES, click here.

    For the hoaxes of CARL MILLER, click here.

    For the hoaxes of EDDIE CRAIG, click here.

    For the hoaxes of ANTHONY WILLIAMS, click here.

    Snoop4truth is a legal expert and whistle blower who exposes online hoaxes. Snoop4truth did not reveal this information to harm Debra Jones. Instead, Snoop4truth revealed this information solely to reduce the CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE that such intentional fraud inflicts upon the American people every single day. Had it not been for Debra Jones' role in this hoax with Rod Class, Snoop4truth would not have revealed this information here.

    The message to all charlatans and hoaxers? Just tell the truth. The truth does not fear investigation. Only lies fear investigation. The truth can be supported by using the truth. Only lies must be supported by using hoaxes (other lies). There is no such thing as a "good reason" to intentionally defraud the American people, not even to make a popular (and sensational) conspiracy theory appear to be true.
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