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    Young new family

    I just met a family that needs a home! They lost a house/work trade due to the landlordís drinking problem. They are very loving, responsible, clean and kind. They have a home until this Sunday! The 7 month old is well cared for and the family has a lot of support, like free childcare, food stamps.....possible regular income very soon, very active in finding work, and a good van!

    If anyone, has any tips or housing leads, they are very desperate, even for a tiny room.

    I am their acting social worker/friend and am advocating for them, and filtering. I sent 15 emails to Craigslist rooms for rent, and got back 3 no s and that was it. They are working on getting work after the fires displaced them.

    Thank you for reading their story! It is so real, and vulnerable. We wish you each the best!

    We are in Sebastopol.

    Rose 7075960701
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    Re: Young new family

    This page link has many rapid rehousing and financial support options with some of the organization grams. Also calling 211 will get them in touch with a support person who can provide a more personalized experience when considering where to start. I hope this helps.
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