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    dog shampoo-I know random

    I was just looking for shampoo for my dog and I was thinking that it seems like its so much better than our own human shampoo sometimes. Am I wrong? Many of the ingredients I see are the same things that people would put into a hair treatment. Here's the ingredients to some of the different natural types that I've seen:

    1)BLUE botanicals conditioner: Purified water, green tea extract, aloe vera, jojoba oil and water softeners.

    2)Dr. Jeff Werber's Aromatherapy White Willow Shed Control Shampoo: Willow, lavender, jojoba, aloe, chamomile, evening primrose, coltsfoot.

    The only ingredient in all of these that I'm not sure about is the willow. That is the only ingredient I can find that I don't know if it would be good for your hair or not. But I find it weird that the rest are great. So would it be weird to wash your hair with a dog shampoo??? lol. I get into all these curious thoughts all the time so sorry if this just sounds stupid. I just thought it was interesting how many good things are in dog shampoo if you buy the right kind. I wouldn't have even thought of this if I didn't have a dog. haha.
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