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Thread: Love advance
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    Love advance

    Saturday, November 23rd;1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    Where Sebastopol, CA
    Cost $27 Advanced
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    LOVE ADVANCE: Remove Your Blocks So Your Love Life Rocks!

    Half-Day Breakthrough Workshop for Single Women and Men

    Do You Feel

    • frustrated that you havenít yet found the love of your life?
    • stuck in a pattern of attracting the wrong men/women?
    • discouraged because youíve done so much inner work but he/she still hasnít shown up?
    In this experiential half-day workshop you will get to shine the light on what's holding you back from creating an ideal love relationship in your life, one that's passionate and fulfilling on all levels. You'll get expert support to clear, release, and remove those blocks and then call in an ideal partner that will make your love life rock!

    Following our signature "Love Advance" method, you're going to

    • Discover your unique subconscious blocks and manifesting mistakes so that you stop repelling the love and companionship you so desire
    • Clear the top 10 most common relationship blocks that keep you from attracting a wonderful lover/ideal mate and sustaining healthy, thriving love and passionate intimacy
    • Learn unique, powerful, and playful clearing tools for supporting you to continue to remove blocks on your own even beyond the workshop
    • Get connected to your vision for a joyful, fulfilling love relationship and feel a new level of confidence in your ability to have it
    • Call in your new lover, sweetheart, or soulmate in a manifesting ritual so that, as if by magic, your heartís desires start to show up in your life!!!
    Social science research shows that an attitude of faith, confidence and positive expectancy is essential when it comes to being able to successfully manifest your highest desires in life. It's very difficult, however, like pushing a boulder up a hill, to reach and maintain that state when youíre burdened by stress, self-doubt, limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions.

    But it can be effortless once youíve done the clearing!

    At the LOVE ADVANCE workshop, you will free yourself from the weight of the past so you can more confidently, optimistically, and powerfully move forward to attract love and trust yourself to say yes to the RIGHT person for you. You will get to enjoy the healthy, fun, passionate, growing long-term love relationship you are destined to have.

    Early-Bird Tuition: $27
    Regular Tuition: $37


    ❤ Receive this valuable workshop as a BONUS when you register for any "CONNECTED!" Slow-Speed Dating Event for High-Vibe Singles!

    * Next CONNECTED! Event: Saturday, November 23, Sebastopol, CA. For details, visit:

    Give yourself the gift of the LOVE ADVANCE. Bring your frustrations, bring your pain, weíll get you back on the joyful path to loving again.

    ďYour task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.Ē ~Rumi

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