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    Russian author songs with Alexandr Scherbina (Moscow)

    Saturday, October 12th;5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    Where 9960 CA 1, Jenner, CA
    Cost donation
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    Modern Russian tradition has a unique style of author songs, those are usually full of meaning and feelings expression. We are happy to invite Russian musician, composer and poem writer Alexandrer Scherbina.
    Alexander is very well known in Russia, he is the leader of two musical groups and member of prestigious authors organisations.

    Alexander will give his personal concert in Russian house #1. We call it in home style, for friends and those who are interested in good music and Russian modern culture.

    Our buffet and ever beautiful sunset over the Russian River will be there as well.

    АЛЕКСАНДР ЩЕРБИНА - Российский поэт, музыкант, автор-исполнитель, лидер групп Адриан и Александр, ПаYзы имени Станиславского.
    Член Союза Писателей Москвы и Союза литераторов РФ.
    Был соавтором программы о философии и философах Сова Минервы на Радио-1 Культура.
    Лауреат многих наград престижных фестивалей, в том числе является лауреатом XXXIII Грушинского фестиваля.
    Александр Щербина - гость Фестиваля Полуостров 2019 Звезда Аваничи
    Домашний концер в Рашен Хауз

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