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    Group psychological game Money and Spirituality

    Sunday, November 10th;11:00 am - 3:00 pm
    Where Sebastopol Ave, Sebastopol
    Cost $10 for poor, $50 for normal, $500 for rich
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    The Game Money and Spirituality is a simulation game developed more than 15 years ago at the community of Findhorn (Scotland) to help people in all financial situations to understand the feelings and beliefs they have about money in live and in society.

    Thereís a very limited belief thatís still circling around in some spiritual communities, that money and spirituality donít go together. We, however, know this is far from the truth!

    We are ready to share with you our semi-magical ritual of self-awareness in money flow and discovery your own strength and weak qualities

    Being in the Flow of Money Is Being In Balance with Giving and Receiving.

    We hope, out of the game, you will gain:

    • Greater awareness about own values and habits
    • Greater freedom of action and belief
    • Personal and societal insight
    • For some of us, playing this game will probably be fun and no big deal; for others, it may stir up powerful feelings and reflections.
    We encourage you to accept and welcome all of your feelings and reactions, and to use them as grist for the mill, to help you pinpoint places where you wish either yourself or society to change.

    Workshop leader is Tatiana Ginzburg, PhD in transpersonal psychology, Accredited Facilitator of Transformation Game (from Findhorn Foundation, 1998) for board and group version, Publisher of Transformational Game in Russia.

    Cost of participation depends and it's very important for the Game:
    If you consider yourself poor Ė $10
    If you consider yourself normal Ė $50
    If you consider yourself rich Ė $500
    You should also have with you a significant amount of money (significant personally for you), which you might lose.

    Register here

    Questions: [email protected]

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