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    Sonoma County supervisors declare climate emergency

    Sonoma County supervisors declare climate emergency, pledge to make climate change priority

    Sonoma County supervisors on Tuesday declared a climate emergency, but for many activists and even a majority of the supervisors, that formal measure doesn’t go far enough, with no specific call for action that would show regard for the climate crisis as a true emergency, critics said.

    The three-page declaration designates the county’s response to climate change a top board priority, and directs county staff to re-evaluate existing policies “through the lens of the climate emergency,” which it says threatens humanity and the natural and built environments.

    “We have to stop acting like business as usual is cutting it, because it’s not; we need a transformation,” said Supervisor Lynda Hopkins, whose district covers the Sonoma Coast. “It’s critical we pass a resolution and follow that up with meaningful change. We need to act like our planet is on fire because it is.”

    Continues here

    Full text of climate emergency declaration is here

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    Re: Sonoma County supervisors declare climate emergency

    I'm not really sure what to make of this. A "climate emergency" should have been declared decades ago. And I have less then zero faith in our county (or state) to do anything productive that does not hurt the vast majority of people here.

    Next year all new homes are required to have solar. And we are increasingly seeing bans of natural gas hookups (propane tanks won't be to far off from the ban hammer). These things- while well intentioned, will only increase costs for housing - at a time when we are also suffering a housing crisis.

    Every day that I drive in SoCo - I see the myriad of Teslas (and other electrics) cruising in the HOV lanes. And all I can think is that my... all of us... our tax dollars pay the subsidies - both state and federal - so the upper middle class and the wealthy can drive these cars and feel smug. While most of us have to struggle to keep our older vehicles in top shape and emissions compliant.

    I'm increasingly giving up on California. It's answer to everything seems to be to ban or mandate - both of which tend to hit the general population hardest. When they offer subsidies it tends to go to the richest. Or to the poorest (ie some recent healthcare laws) - all of which tend to bypass the millions just trying to get by.

    I think a couple years ago the "Bay Area air quality control board"... or whatever it is called- banned wood stoves and fireplaces in new construction. I'll tell a story. when I was younger I lived for 12 or so years "off grid" - solar/hydro...and yes.. propane for the stove/fridge/and on demand water heater. And yes... a backup generator. It was a much colder climate then here- and my *only* source of heat was a wood stove. We learned to wear clothes. 50 degrees was acceptable. 45 was not uncommon. You realized the comfort of heat was a luxury- not something you should expect. And...all my wood- I cut it from logging slash- stuff that was going to be bulldozed into piles and burned regardless. I still remember when John Shaffer (sp?) of Real Goods published the first Solar Living book... there was a piece in there by one of the people saying basically the same thing.... we burned wood..etc...for thousands of years... the problems arose when we went electric and expected a 72 degree house in the winter. And guess what- mea culpa... when I moved here and had electric or gas heat...just had to turn a dial and not think about it (until the bills came)... yep...I kept the house warm. It's a human weakness.

    And interesting trend I am starting to see- the exodus from SoCo and CA in general - that is turning Texas, NM, AZ, E OR etc blue. I think it's going to be an interesting decade... Dems have had total control for so long here- and the problems keep growing rather then being resolved. And as the exodus brings more states blue over the coming years- CA's power in setting policy that affects the nation will wane. to the board of supervisors? how many of you have attended a meeting? I have, many, many...many times. I like Lynda Hopkins, for the most part. Everyone else there needs to go.- particularly David Rabbit. It's an eye opener to see what the people guiding our county actually believe in....

    I hope on wrong. But I still don't see people changing their ways in meaningful steps. And I surely don't see the county or state enacting laws that don't hurt the general population. They can't even deal with the damn roads- there's no way they can deal with this issue that doesn't hurt us....
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