Autumnal Equinox Sunrise Walk with Liza Weaver Brickey MA
We are delighted to have Sara McCamant co-founder of the West County Community Seed Exchange.

Autumnal Equinox Sunrise Walk: Join us on September 21 at 6:45 AM for at Laguna de Santa Rosa

There are two times a year where you have the opportunity to walk when the length of the days and nights are the same. Once such time is the Autumnal Equinox. What does walking at this time of year offer you? Nature has such wisdom to teach us about our own inner paths. Many birds are migrating and the flowers turn into seeds are just some of the signs of the changing of the seasons.

This is a unique time for the gentle activity of walking and to listen how the earth can speak to you. Please join us for the Autumnal Equinox Sunrise Walks and let your feet touch the earth, your heart touch the new morning and find inspiration as we walk in community and bring in the season of Autumn. Read more about how to Prepare for the Upcoming Autumnal Walk.

We are delighted to have Sara McCamant, co-founder of the West County Community Seed Exchange. The Seed Garden was started 6 years ago by Sara and Transition Sebastopol. Come and hear about her vision, knowledge, and care for the world of seeds. “Seeds are about abundance,” says Sara McCamant, co-founder of the Sebastopol Seed Library, “and abundance leads to sharing.”

Join us our Autumnal Sunrise Walk at the Laguna de Santa Rosa September 21, 2019. We will begin our early morning walk just before dawn. We will meet at 6:45 AM at the trailhead just before the Chevron gas station, at the Highway 12 entrance. We will leave promptly. This two-mile walk will take us to the pond and back.

Please fill out the form on our website and let us know that you will be joining us too.