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    Please Call Mike McGuire re voting No on AB 1299

    Hi there,

    The last week of the legislative session is a very crazy time as powerful interests try to KILL good bills and slip in BAD bills. The 350 Bay Area Action legislative committee is working hard on key legislation until the very end! (Sept 13 @ midnight)

    So itís no real surprise that the oil industry managed to slip in a bad and irresponsible "gut and amend" bill at the last possible moment. AB 1299 would allow an oil refinery in a small rural community in Kern County to evade air pollution monitoring requirements that protect fence-line communities adjacent to facilities like a refinery. Wherever you live, no matter how small, people living in communities in Ca have the right and need to breath clean air.

    • Earthjustice notes: AB1299 Ö weakens Californiaís refinery fence-line air monitoring provisions Ė particularly for rural folks. [Itís looking for] waivers to bypass the normal course of review
    • From EcoVote: AB 1299, just introduced this week, weakens refinery monitoring requirements for a specific refinery in Kern County, next door to a neighborhood of about 1,000 people who are 70% Latino, and 1/3 children

    Take 1 minute to call Mike McGuire 916-651-4002 to make sure he knows that this is a really bad bill.

    Thank you Climate Protectors!

    350 Bay Area Action
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