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    Abraham Entin's Avatar
    Abraham Entin

    MeetUp for Marianne 2020--Help make a Poitical miracle

    Tuesday, September 17th;6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
    Where near downtown Sebastopol
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    Help Make a Political Miracle
    Tuesday, Sept. 17th @6:30pm

    This is a MeetUp for people in Sonoma County who would like to Volunteer for Marianne's Williamson's Campaign. Led by Campaign Staff member Rita Forte (Regional Field Organizer) and hosted by Abraham Entin and Jim Corbett , this meetup will begin to gather and galvanize Volunteers who want to support, get active and connect with the campaign and others in the area.

    We will:
    1. Give some talking points and info about the campaign
    2. Have some promo materials and resources to support the campaign
    3. Start talking Bay Area Regional ideas, goals and more.

    The MeetUp will be near downtown Sebastopol.
    Email [email protected] to RSVP and to get the address.
    Can't wait to see you there!
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    Re: MeetUp for Marianne 2020--Help make a Poitical miracle

    Location:  near downtown Sebastopol
    I heard Williamson (who I respect and Love) some time ago in a radio interview.

    When asked about single payer health care and forgiveness for college debt,
    she said she didn’t think so because no one really had a plan for either.

    I immediately emailed her, saying she’d just lost my vote because of these 2 things, and I’ve never heard back from her or her campaign people.

    Has she changed her position on these?

    I frequently say , and I strive to “Love everyone, even folks that are hard to love — which doesn’t mean I like them or what they’re doing or want to be around folks who are hard to love.”

    What I’m speaking of is spiritual love, ie., to love them as spiritual beings (not what they’re doing as human) which can be from a distance. I know you know what I mean, Abraham.

    I’m voting for Bernie and Elizabeth—they have plans, guts, and Love—it expresses love to want to forgive college debt and to provide health care for everyone!

    PS: Where is the meet up happening?
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