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    John Eder's Avatar
    John Eder
    Former Seb City Council Member

    Help Send trump A Lump Of Coal For Christmas 2019 (I know, he loves coal...)

    Despite his persistent lies that "Jyna" is paying the U.S. "billions" due to his self-imposed trade war, trump announced that he was delaying some new tariffs to avoid impacting the upcoming sacrosanct holiday shopping season- the biggest guilt-driven capitalist consumer freak-out of the year ("...but, I need to buy everyone a gift- they expect one from me"). This was a telling move. Because he currently has nothing else positive to run on in 2020, the state of the economy is of paramount importance to him. Holiday sales account for somewhere between 20-40% of total annual retail sales, according to various sources- a huge part of our economy.

    This is where you (and those that you are in communication with) come in- just say "NO" to buying anything beyond your basic everyday needs this holiday season. Yes, this will cause economic pain, even locally, but in the current environment created by the White House, all countermeasures are legitimate. If enough people channel their daily rage into withdrawing financial support for Santa and mute this gift-driven economy, we will help remove one of his major talking points. Even if 20% of typical holiday sales are lost, it will be noticed- bigly. Think of it as an economic cruise missile aimed directly at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    If this seems too harsh, then only patronize small, independent, locally-owned businesses. Tell Amazon, Macy's, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Visa, MasterCard, etc. to go screw themselves. Seriously, do you really need a new espresso machine or 5K HD television? Does your uncle really need that new tie or sweater that they may not even like? Toys for the kids? How about a trip to a place that you have all never been to before instead, creating memories that will outlast broken dump trucks or dolls? Think about all of the "stuff" that you have purchased over the previous holiday seasons and what importance (if any) it holds in your current life.

    Better yet, take the money that you would normally spend on gifts, and donate it to your favorite charity or just help someone out, such as pay a bill for them, etc. It feels better than a sweater, does good in this world and is a teachable moment for kids.

    The more you spend, the more you directly and indirectly support the man and the policies that most of us abhor. This may seem severe and radical, but if the White House is to be cleaned out in 2020, we must employ all measures that we possess- and your dollars are powerful weapons- to achieve this goal. Spread the word far and wide.

    P.S.- A contraction of consumerism this holiday season will not only help in this regard, but it will be good for our planet. Think of all of the crap that you will help keep out of the landfill by not purchasing it in the first place.
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    Thomas Morabito

    Re: Help Send trump A Lump Of Coal For Christmas 2019 (I know, he loves coal...)

    X Christmas

    Let's cancel Christmas this year.
    Let's concentrate on good cheer.
    Be happy and jolly
    Without all the folly,
    Let's cancel Christmas this year.

    Don't buy any presents for me
    And I won't buy any for you.
    Let's just exchange smiles
    And chat for awhile,
    Let's cancel Christmas this year.

    Decorations may stay
    Where last put away.
    Let's wish for peace
    In lieu of a feast.
    Let's cancel Christmas this year.

    Good tidings and stuff
    We have quite enough.
    Let's start a new fashion
    With gifts of compassion.
    Let's cancel Christmas this year.

    Have a merry day
    Is all we need say.
    A merry day is just right
    And to all a good night.
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    Re: Help Send trump A Lump Of Coal For Christmas 2019 (I know, he loves coal...)

    Yeah, love it!! Great ideas and cool poem.

    Give everyone a big hug and a warm smile for Christmas!!

    And for Halloween and Thanksgiving, too.

    Love, Lilith

    And cut back on the crap!!
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