Hello Community...After a devastating stroke during the Santa Rosa fire evacuations, my brave and beloved mother passed away this spring. And after more than 18 months being her dedicated primary care manager, I am worn out and seeking a quiet sanctuary where l can rest and heal my tender grieving heart and tired body.

I am looking for a peaceful, quiet, mold free, long term private studio rental. Iím also open to the right match for room and housemate situation, as well sublets or short term options if needed. I do need to stay pretty close to Central Santa Rosa, but may be able to consider West Santa Rosa or downtown Sebastopol.

I am a 38 year old female, integrative counselor, mediator and health advocate. I appreciate and practice compassionate communication (NVC trained) and have a natural orientation toward collaborative living with humans, animals and our environment. I have a daily meditation practice, and currently spend much of my time recovering and mending my body from a serious back injury ensued while taking care of my mother during her paralysis. I have a wonderful team of helpers and friends who support me, so l am not looking for a land owner to assist me physically in any way. Although Iím limited in my sitting/driving abilities, walking up a short flight a stairs is Ok.

I donít have pets, but enjoy living on a property with animal friends. I am a quiet, respectful, kind and attentive tenant. I pay rent on time, I have good credit and excellent housing references. I can afford $850-$1200/month (or up to $1300/month for a short term 2-4 month situation.)

So much gratitude in advance for sharing this post with your friends, networks and communities to connect me with any magical matches out there! Given the rental market nowadays, Iím praying for kindness, care and generosity to help me find an affordable healing home. ❤