I am an author who is completing a book manuscript (due at the end of the year). Because I have disabilities that prevent me from using a computer or writing by hand, I need to hire assistants to take dictation and do word processing. After my book manuscript is finished, I will begin work on other writing projects; so the position can be ongoing, if desired.

To do this job, you do not need to be a writer or editor; rather, the position involves transcribing text that I will dictate to you. The book Iím writing is an academic project, focusing on disability justice and its links to other political movements. It is a plus, but not a requirement, to have some background or interest in reading, writing, thinking, or organizing around social justice issues: feminism, LGBTQIA equality, antiracism, disability rights, fat justice, etc..

The job is at my home in Santa Rosa. Iím looking for someone who can work for 3-6 hours per week, in the afternoons or evenings. The pay is $15-18 per hour, depending on your skill level and typing speed. The assistant I hire will be:

  • A very fast typist (75 words per minute or higher)
  • Skilled at word processing
  • Detail-oriented and responsible
  • Fragrance-free (no perfume or scented personal care products)
  • Nonsmoking (I am allergic to cigarettes and marijuana)

If you are interested in this job, please call Anna at 707-528-4554.