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    Help with moving please

    Hello, Sonoma County!

    I need 2-4 volunteers IMMEDIATELY (ASAP!) to help an easygoing, 420- & pet-friendly lady w/a back injury PACK & LOAD one bedroom's worth of belongings (12' x 12' room + 2.5' x 2.5' closet) from a duplex in SWSR; everything's headed either into storage on SR Avenue or new house in RP (though, definitely getting rid of Some stuff -- you're welcome to have, barter, or barely-buy stuff you want, if it's available). We can provide transpo within Sonoma County if you don't have your own; though extra vehicle/s may be helpful, FYI, there is Limited Parking at the Old Place in SWSR (but plenty at the new place & storage unit).

    Also, PLEASE NOTE: If you are allergic to or have issues with incense, cannabis smoke/vapor, and/or dog/cat hair, you may wish to reconsider! The service dog passed away in February ☹, but his hair will be everywhere under things being moved of course, and there are a couple of cats, though they're fairly skittish of strangers; there may also be incense burning &/or cannabis being vaped &/or smoked (yes, she is also a medicinal cannabis patient). However, there will also be plenty of eclectic musical variety for your listening delight! ☺

    She was assaulted by a male roommate and has some social anxiety, especially when first connecting with people; so I will talk with you first, then have you text or call her. (I'm her IHSS care provider & new roommate at the new place, but I'm working most of the weekend and can't help much with the moving, other than basic transport of the loads w/a Ford F150.) After she's connected with people, she's totally fine one-on-one or in a small group, but due to her condition & the circumstances, 1-2 females (or smaller guys) are preferred to do the necessary packing in the bedroom (it's fairly cramped currently); however, 1-2 guys (or strong women) could move the furniture & other heavy stuff.

    Quite frankly, the 1-2 people to help with the interior packing of the bedroom are the highest priority; she is overwhelmed by it all! We are trying to have the stuff moved out by the 15th, but she also has two doctor appts on Monday -- one with a new doctor. Fortunately, it's just a move across town, so the stuff doesn't have to be packed fully, just enough to be safely transported a few miles. I know it's late to be asking online, but we've checked with all her friends & just No One is available right now. Can anyone out there help her out at all this weekend?

    Thank you,
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