Our two sweet little dogs (Rico Suave and Dakota Rose, ages 2 and 3 yrs) love to play. Our work schedules have gotten busier and they would love more attention. It would be great if they had a place to go and play during our work days.

If you...
  • have a safe-for-little-dog's yard and home,
  • LOVE animals,
  • have the interest in having two dogs around.
  • If you work at home or are retired, or simply available...(As a little breed, they are more attached than big dogs tend to be and prefer being near a human.)
  • If you have another dog that enjoys other little dogs, (totally optional as they play well together)
  • And... if I could dream big... Ideally, if you lived relatively near Sebastopol center / Graton , (as we live near Andy's Market), the convenience would be a perk!
It could work!

Please contact me privately. Thanks so much!