Saturday, June 1st, 4:00 pm at Main Stage West in Sebastopol. Put it on your calendar. We'll celebrate the book launch of our third novel BLIND WALLS with a reading & book signing. We're hoping to see old friends and new. It's free.

Inspired by the enticing legend of Winchester "Mystery" House, BLIND WALLS follows a tour guide on the edge of retirement into a labyrinthine edifice built by a guilt-ridden armaments heiress. A haunted house, yes, but haunted by reality. The bedeviled heiress is there, but the blind sight falls on a young carpenter, Chuck Ratowitz, who lands his dream job and spends thirty-eight years serving a madwoman’s obsession.

Reviews have been enthusiastic:

The pairing of Bishop and Fuller is a magical one. . . . It’s a brilliant opus, melding the past, present, and future with intimate, individual viewpoints from a tightly arrayed cast of believable characters. . . . Blind Walls offers a weird alternative world, featuring a blind man with second sight and an acerbic wit as its charming, empathic hero.
—Feathered Quill

These characters are so well developed that one has to think of them as live people – laughing with them and crying with them, even getting old with them. . . . Told with such quiet, compelling, raw humanity that the reader simply can’t stop until the entire tale is told.
—Dog-Eared Reviews

It’s a horror story and a tragedy, with elements of romance and fantasy mixed in. . . . A retelling of a well-known mystery that offers a few twists on the original.
—Kirkus Reviews

The authors’ prose is effortless and moves easily from humorous to weighted seriousness. The dialogue is perceptive, giving voice to compelling characters and particularly to the tour guide whose second sight he confers on the readers. The latter will not want to look away from the myriad rooms of Weatherlee House.
—US Review of Books

So please join us on June 1st.

Peace & joy—
Conrad Bishop & Elizabeth Fuller