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    Save Roe v. Wade

    Alabama's extreme anti-abortion bill gives the state control over pregnant people's bodies and increases the already tremendous barriers that people seeking abortion care in Alabama face in accessing their procedures. Access was already a problem in Alabama.

    The government's control and politicization of our bodies is unacceptable. Families in Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, and communities across the nation are under attack as part of a publicly stated, coordinated effort to have the Supreme Court overturn its own legal precedent set by Roe v. Wade.1

    This is truly concerning, because some members of the Supreme Court are already signaling a willingness to overturn legal precedent on other cases.

    The rate of violent crime in the US declined sharply starting about 20 years after Roe v. Wade. In other words, we finally had a large percentage of young adults who had not been brought up by parents who were unwilling and unprepared to do so.

    If, keyn ayin horeh, the decision were to be overturned, please let womyn of childbearing age know about Rebecca Chalker's excellent A Woman's Book of Choices, which gives instructions for a safe DIY early abortion; I was a biomedical science major for five years at Texas A&M, and the procedure is safe if the instructions are followed exactly.
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